Thursday, October 28, 2010

We're like family

Pictures paints a thousand words.. Imma keep the talking minimal, and the pics, alot! Take a look at them in my facebook album..

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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Awesome Barbecue Chicken Chop for RM 5.90!

I know this post is a little late. I think this promotion has been going on since last year, but thankfully, its still on. I love this place and always went to it for chicken chop. Well its not only chicken chop, its Teriyaki Grilled Chicken Chop with Mushroom Rice.

What I can say about it is that it is a good deal, for chicken chop and rice. The chicken is not tough, grilled thoroughly so that it is not so burnt, but leaves the good grill taste. So where is this chicken chop coming from?

At Summit USJ, i think it is on the LG floor. Located beside Sushi King, is Mandy's. Mandy's has been having this deal for long and they serve other western food as well. You can get a lamb chop set for about RM 15 and fish and chips set for about RM 11. I havent tried them, because i just love their chicken chop. Give it a try. =)

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Wings Music Cafe | The beginning of the food hunt

So we have a car, thanks to robyn. So usually we go out for lunch on wednesdays, or tuesdays. The same food every week seems to make us sick of it. So we decided to go food hunting around Subang Jaya.

We set off for SS15 because there are alot of shop lots there. Were food hunting, so restaurants are chosen at random. What caught our attention is the lunch set from RM 4.50 onwards. It was the Wings Music Cafe. It is known that there are guest singers that perform at night, we went during lunch, but the place is still very cozy.

Lunch Special from RM 4.50 onwards

Comfort and cool air conditioning is not only its good factors, but its food. I had black pepper chicken rice. It was a big serving, it also came with "papadam" or some kind of big chips, cucumber and tomatoes. With an addition of 2 ringgit, i got a drink and ice cream too from the value lunch promotion (only valid from 12pm to 3pm.) I got alittle fancy and requested for my ice cream to come together with my coke. So i did a float. =)

Black pepper chicken rice

All in all, my meal came up to about RM 7.90 only. We also had a free dessert, if you have more than 3 friends and are students (student card required). I think it was a good meal. We stayed for awhile more and cracked alot of jokes with my other friends, Debbie and Chun Yeet. The music played by the CD was a good choice too. Not to mention, song requests are also allowed. It was a really nice place to hang out. =)

Wings Music Cafe is located along Jalan SS 15/4 in Subang Jaya.

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Sunday, October 24, 2010

I should get a sound engineer certificate.. xD

I have been working with audio like everyday, from simple mp3 players to 32 channel mixers and amps. Well finally today, I set up an audio system on my own. Something historical for me, because I never set up one before. Not to mention the knotty wires and the high risk of blowing the equipment. However today was not that satisfying.

By the way, I was joking about the title above. It takes way much more to be a sound engineer. Haha.

I was at a prom rehersal at the Empire Hotel. The committee at first said they just want to use their own amplifiers to run the day. However, I said that I would want the performers to get the feel of the whole hall blasting their music. I've been in auditions and rehersals before, and it is a totally different feeling compare to the real event day itself. So I tried to make an environment, for sound, as close to the event day itself.

Things didnt really go well as the major problem was that the mixer that I was using was old. Im still not sure if its the fault of the mixer, but there were alot of feedbacks especially from the microphones. I am aware that microphones are sensitive, so I tried to fix the problem. I made sure no speaker was facing the mics in anyway to prevent feedback, but the noise still kept buzzing.

Sorry to the performers who didnt really get to do a 'syok' performance, but on that day itself, there will be a professional team handling the system.

So, it somehow totaled up to a not good day for me, not to mention standing up for 5 hours and no lunch, but I was happy to achieve something new, and there was sound.

Nothing was damaged. I would also like to thank my church, St. Thomas More of Subang Jaya for lending me some of their equipment for me to learn and play. I learned much today, though I think of it as a failure, but Randy Pausch once said in the book, The Last Lecture, that failure is an essential in life.

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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Which is best for a person..

My mom used to tell me to not complain or be careful on what I say on a blog. True enough that it is important, but releasing my thoughts? Yes Im talking about myself, Im aware. If you want to judge me through my blog, its up to you because one can never really know a person well not till you really know them. I mean, compare a blog to life, if you meet me for the first time, most of you may judge a person by their looks unintentionally.. You may not realise, but i know i did when i thought i didnt..

A blog is to log in, whats going on around you and personally i feel that a blog is public to share feelings or seek help through the social media. Maybe you might think i complain alot, but hey, life is never fair. At least I complain, instead having emotions all over and getting pissed and drive my fist into a dry wall.. No offence to others. Reflection is on me.

So the reason for that prelude is to give an allowance to my post now, to say that it is alright to talk about what you feel through the net. I just hope I do not offend anyone, but Im sorry. I dont like to write but type, so diaries, not a single drop of ink on you.

Something has turned off my flame in me to study. First thing is that its hard to get the spirit to study in me, and i have been trying to light the match up. Some people prefer discourages to encourage them to do something. Well for me, I might be different, but my emotions are set that way, not that I wanted to, but I was born that way.

Usually if a person discourages me, i get a low feeling and its just like, crap, im failing.. For example most of the time someone relates me to those unlucky people saying im like them, cant work and all. Discouraging yes, encouraging no. I may have the feeling to get back up but it has brought me down so bad that my legs are embedded in the ground.

If you encourage me, hell yeah, my spark will blow into a flame. For example, I had a talk with Jonathan Choi who also plans to pursue studies in the USA. I was about to take my SAT then. So during tuition on a fine wednesday morning, he said, this is the first time I see somebody in Form 6 who wants to go further than local universities and I tell you, that day i confined myself in my room studying until night.. I really missed that day when I was so enthusiastic to study.

And today, I have received discouragements. They said something like, look, we said all that and he has no reaction. I was having an afternoon nap after waking up early today to go for some exercise. Well its obvious they know that im tired, so they let me nap, but plan to encourage me to study by discouragements, totally brought me into a grudge and, this blog post. Maybe if you said, one day i want to see you working with Adam Savage, or controlling the wheelchair of Stephen Hawkings, oh that is an encouragement.

The reason why i get really upset is because i try, and do. I have been studying at school. I stopped my cocuricular activities besides prom and I was dating my books in school most of the time. It hurts more when someone who doesnt see what you change for good and hits you down like a giant pendulum.

Wondering why im complaining, well its not a complain, its a statement. I really wish for encouragements and high expectations from others, I also am changing and not everyone is the same. (some thought by me being at home, im enjoying my teenage life. where actually i would enjoy more being out there in the world doing part-time, meeting new people and experiencing life to gain experience. Fact is, i love and enjoy going out more than my computer games. Computer games are just to pass time.) By the way, I dont open my mouth when I argue with them because it always sparks a larger argument and it gets nowhere, and we end up not talking for the day. So im letting them feel as if they won the argument, and try to disintegrate the feelings in me for their good.

To those who have encouraged me, My brother for a fact, and friends, thank you..

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Friday, October 22, 2010

How did the Dinosaurs Really Die?

Somehow I like lunch time or dinner tome, well not only because of the food. Most of the time during a meal, I have nothing much to do than eat, but theres another part of my concentration heading somewhere else. I tend to think alot. Well they're mostly fantasies, because I cant really get the things I want, so I dream. It also involves things which may help me or us live better. Anyway, today was different.

I was having dinner as soon as my mom came home. There I sat at the table, feeling like its just a white space to be filled with. Suddenly I remembered the conversation I had with my friends, Debbie and Pearl. During lunch before tuition, Debbie glanced at the television and saw a volcanic eruption.

Something erupted in her mind too. She asked, how did the dinosaurs die? I believed that they were destroyed by meteors whereas they believe that they were destroyed by a constant mayhem of volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and tsunamis.

Well, im going to find out now with some researching...

A few seconds later (yes, it just took me a click to see the answers, thx to Google.)

University of Colorado
According to new research led by a University of Colorado at Boulder geophysicist, a giant asteroid that hit the coast of Mexico 65 million years ago probably incinerated all the large dinosaurs that were alive at the time in only a few hours, and only those organisms already sheltered in burrows or in water were left alive.

Though there are some theories concluded, others still accept the many theories like diseases, meteor strike, the axis change of the earth and volcanic eruption. (

Some say they were destroyed by a flood, like how Noah's event occurred. (

Some also say its from a sudden temperature drop. (

So what do you really think? Any of them can be true. Non of us were around to spectate the disaster. What do you think?

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A gift from Celcom yet to come thanks to Nuffnang

images are from

Well previously, I was talking about the iPhone.. But who can ever get over with decisions on which smartphone to get? Me, im a techy person and i need it on the go. The internet, maps and good camera. Photography is my favourite and when i need a camera, the mobile phone cammie saves me..

So lets get into detail. Why a Blackberry, and why do I want it? Well maybe I actually need it. The current phone im using now is slowing down because its a phone launched about 5 years ago. What are its problems? 

  • No instant wifi search, it takes about 10 minutes to get into a network
  • Phone lags even during dialing and basic phone purposes
  • Memory slot error, which is vital for me
  • short battery life
  • cant play music smoothly
  • and more
The Torch 9800 has everything new and up to date, you can say a device from Heaven! QWERTY keyboard is a must because during messaging, blogging, social networking and journaling, you need a quick keyboard to get your letters out instantly. Imagine you are using a normal 1 - 9 keypad for this, hell isint it? xD not to mention its trackpad which makse scrolling smooth and light.

Ok, so they say its a small phone with a keyboard, so the screen must be small? No!

Blackberry technology, the phone is a slide phone where its keyboard slides from the bottom and about 7/10 of the phone is the screen, which is about 3.18" diagonally. Large screens are good so that everything is displayed, especially when notifications are vital, and TIME! While using applications, it is believed that the clock is still present to keep track of time. 

So, I said i need big memory, and yes. It supports up to a 32GB micro SD card. Thumb drives are now history and i can use my phone as one, keeping all my data and presentations inside, its an all in one! I can load my music and videos and have not to worry on memory shortage. Talk about music, it has a standard 3.5mm earphone jack, where i can use my custom earphones to listen to good music. =) 

Listen to good music, fine. How about its battery? Well it has music playback up to 30 hours! Thats more than 2 days and i dont have to worry about charging on the go. Well talk time and standby time? Well if its music playback is 30 hours, you already know its battery life is long! =) 

In addition, photography! a 5mp megapixel camera is just ok, but with image stabilization, i can take clear photos quickly without worrying if my hand shakes. It also has video recording where i can take video and make video logs with my phone. 

So wait, its not just about the phone. Dont forget a phone is nothing without its local network. Celcom  is offering a data plan as low as RM 50 a month with Celcom Exec 50. This is what they said:
- 15 sen call rate to any number. Nothing complicated; just a simple rate to all numbers
- Automatic discounts every month.
- Talk more, save more. The more you use, the more discounts of up to 30% every month
- Low monthly commitment of only RM50.
- FREE Celcom Broadband Basic Plan for 1 month with speeds of up to 384 Kbps

All that for RM 50! I understand its package and i love it. Do you? Ok. 15 sen calls to all numbers means that you dont have to worry who you call and how much you pay, wondering what network they are using. I am really particular about that because usually, calls or texts to other networks is more expensive compared to the same network. 

Well auto discounts? means the rates just get lower and lower. =)

So the last line, free celcom basic plan for a month, find more info at =)

By the way, if you wonder if Celcom internet is fast, it really is. Im currently using a Celcom Vodafone USB dongle to surf the net and it is fast. Im having 5/5 bars of reception here, at Subang Jaya. 

So therefore, this is what I love about The blackberry Torch 9800 and of course, Celcom deals. =)

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Kurt Hugo - Love the Way You Lie Mashup (with Dynamite and Teenage Dream)

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Thursday, October 14, 2010

TAKERS Premier by Nuffnang

So Nuffnang had a competition to win 2 premier tickets to watch TAKERS. It said those few who did the most creative way on how would you catch the Takers would win the passes. So I crapped some rap.. lol..

If I could be a detective, i wouldnt be selective,
I will take up everything, so i can bring down anything,
The TAKERS keep on taking, and i’ll always keep on giving,
blowing out ma bullets fast, flying like a locust pass.
Strength and speed is not enough, we need to think smart enough
I may be one step back but you are 5 steps behind,
You may think i cannot catch you but i might be be in your room
how bout a bullet in your head, or your body in the ash
I may also use ma nuffnang, just to advertise your face
not to say that you are famous, but to bring u into light
ma readers will all know you, and they will catch you too
dont believe, see comments*, bunch of people wanna catch you!
*comments on competition page.. xD

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Nose Bleeding Can Be Bad

So one night my nose was bleeding and i was lying in bed. So the blood flowed down into my throat and i unintentionally swallowed it constantly. Note that it is NOT good to do that. It can be a case of internal bleeding, which is obviously not safe.

The next morning i woke up feeling very weak, because of the loss of blood. While brushing my teeth in the morning, I almost fainted in the toilet, which is also not good.

A good friend of mine, Robyn Tung told me that i shall not let it bleed, but stop the bleeding. He said
1. Pinch the upper part of the nose to stop the bleeding.
2. Sit down.
3. Bend down so that the blood does not flow backwards into your throat.
4. Breathe through your mouth.
5. Wait about 15 minutes. If your nose is still bleeding, refer to medical assistance.

A tip for you guys.. Take care.. =)

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Wednesday, October 13, 2010



Have you ever thought yourself as a teen able to move mountains? The fact is, there are. Youths these days are important because they have fresh ideas for the public and the world. You want to make history? It doesnt matter if its big or small, its still a carve on a rock.

This event is a conference. That means its a 2 way communication among organisers and participants. Most people think that events like these are all talks and no do. Play and learn, thats what I always want. Though its programme is not out yet, i have strong beliefs that we will be able to work among new people and share ideas.


Its nothing much to think of. Just go. "I come, I see, I conquer". Keep that in mind to make the best out of yourself or gain experience. Get your friends or team to go.

So sign up here! =D (

Time: 10am - 2pm
Fee: RM 20 only (with refreshments and goodies)
Speakers and activities: still disclosed for now

For more details, contact Tristan Toh, a special supporter of the event.

How to promote your photography

Hey there, =)

Well I know there are bloggers out there who love photography and want to display them.. I myself had problems publishing my photography around the net. Some use flickr to upload photos, but it has limited space. However, you can upgrade by paying.

Recently, I used picasa and it was easy. You will first have to download a program that views all your photos saved in your computer. If you want to load them to the internet, just click or select the photos you want to upload and it will be published on the net.

Promoting, using Blogger, you can add a picasa photostream widget which will display a few photos and links to your album..

You can also make a Picasa slideshow at the Picasa site itself..

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Post SAT experience

Well i'll talk abit about what happened during my SAT.. It was quite tough.

anyways I had a good time after that, but of course, back to form 6 studying. Putting that Form 6 stuff behind awhile, I was able to experience a different Saturday. It was the first day i did something new, not too cool about it, not an achievement, but just something different. Maybe some of you can call me a noob.. xD

So my family went for my dad's reunion which is among his old friends from malacca.. Of course these guys got their own kids too, so i mixed with them..

I actually knew them early this year. They knew each other longer than me. They had reunions for many years now, and this was my first year, but 3rd time.. I met up with Han Yang, Celine and Janice.. We ate and talked alot about college and hows life. Soon, it was all about drinking. You can say I had a total of 2 glasses of wine and 1 glass of whiskey. The wine was fine, but not the whiskey.. lol..

It was a drinking game.. (oh btw im not underage, and i didnt get drunk.. xD) A deck of cards

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Who Wants To Win PC Gaming Equipment by Razer?! =D

Click on the icon to go to razer's site to sign up.. =)