Friday, October 22, 2010

How did the Dinosaurs Really Die?

Somehow I like lunch time or dinner tome, well not only because of the food. Most of the time during a meal, I have nothing much to do than eat, but theres another part of my concentration heading somewhere else. I tend to think alot. Well they're mostly fantasies, because I cant really get the things I want, so I dream. It also involves things which may help me or us live better. Anyway, today was different.

I was having dinner as soon as my mom came home. There I sat at the table, feeling like its just a white space to be filled with. Suddenly I remembered the conversation I had with my friends, Debbie and Pearl. During lunch before tuition, Debbie glanced at the television and saw a volcanic eruption.

Something erupted in her mind too. She asked, how did the dinosaurs die? I believed that they were destroyed by meteors whereas they believe that they were destroyed by a constant mayhem of volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and tsunamis.

Well, im going to find out now with some researching...

A few seconds later (yes, it just took me a click to see the answers, thx to Google.)

University of Colorado
According to new research led by a University of Colorado at Boulder geophysicist, a giant asteroid that hit the coast of Mexico 65 million years ago probably incinerated all the large dinosaurs that were alive at the time in only a few hours, and only those organisms already sheltered in burrows or in water were left alive.

Though there are some theories concluded, others still accept the many theories like diseases, meteor strike, the axis change of the earth and volcanic eruption. (

Some say they were destroyed by a flood, like how Noah's event occurred. (

Some also say its from a sudden temperature drop. (

So what do you really think? Any of them can be true. Non of us were around to spectate the disaster. What do you think?

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ken said...

i believe it's the asteroid :)