Sunday, October 24, 2010

I should get a sound engineer certificate.. xD

I have been working with audio like everyday, from simple mp3 players to 32 channel mixers and amps. Well finally today, I set up an audio system on my own. Something historical for me, because I never set up one before. Not to mention the knotty wires and the high risk of blowing the equipment. However today was not that satisfying.

By the way, I was joking about the title above. It takes way much more to be a sound engineer. Haha.

I was at a prom rehersal at the Empire Hotel. The committee at first said they just want to use their own amplifiers to run the day. However, I said that I would want the performers to get the feel of the whole hall blasting their music. I've been in auditions and rehersals before, and it is a totally different feeling compare to the real event day itself. So I tried to make an environment, for sound, as close to the event day itself.

Things didnt really go well as the major problem was that the mixer that I was using was old. Im still not sure if its the fault of the mixer, but there were alot of feedbacks especially from the microphones. I am aware that microphones are sensitive, so I tried to fix the problem. I made sure no speaker was facing the mics in anyway to prevent feedback, but the noise still kept buzzing.

Sorry to the performers who didnt really get to do a 'syok' performance, but on that day itself, there will be a professional team handling the system.

So, it somehow totaled up to a not good day for me, not to mention standing up for 5 hours and no lunch, but I was happy to achieve something new, and there was sound.

Nothing was damaged. I would also like to thank my church, St. Thomas More of Subang Jaya for lending me some of their equipment for me to learn and play. I learned much today, though I think of it as a failure, but Randy Pausch once said in the book, The Last Lecture, that failure is an essential in life.

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ken said...

more like PA technician? :)