Sunday, October 10, 2010

Post SAT experience

Well i'll talk abit about what happened during my SAT.. It was quite tough.

anyways I had a good time after that, but of course, back to form 6 studying. Putting that Form 6 stuff behind awhile, I was able to experience a different Saturday. It was the first day i did something new, not too cool about it, not an achievement, but just something different. Maybe some of you can call me a noob.. xD

So my family went for my dad's reunion which is among his old friends from malacca.. Of course these guys got their own kids too, so i mixed with them..

I actually knew them early this year. They knew each other longer than me. They had reunions for many years now, and this was my first year, but 3rd time.. I met up with Han Yang, Celine and Janice.. We ate and talked alot about college and hows life. Soon, it was all about drinking. You can say I had a total of 2 glasses of wine and 1 glass of whiskey. The wine was fine, but not the whiskey.. lol..

It was a drinking game.. (oh btw im not underage, and i didnt get drunk.. xD) A deck of cards
were mixed and each card represents an action to be done, which most of it involves drinking. I know how to play it, but hard to explain it here, but basically you know, its a drinking game.

That wasnt the only game we had anyway. We also played spoons, which i lost because i was busy playing with Han Yang's new iPhone 4.. lol.. Then we chat at the staircase..

The next day was about church, then off to Sunway to watch ma friend rap freestyle. It was actually a battle, but it was a small one as there were only a few people.. He didnt win, but he lost to a pro anyways.. SO, picture time.. I aint wanna type so much.. lol.

Street Fest

Vandal giving a talk during StreetFest..


Aaron Lui a.k.a. DJ A.RON a.k.a. Da Deft.. 


Final battle

"I got 4 eyes, i can see clearer than you"

Get Lame!

Scandal.. xD


Reunion Night

Janice Chan

Han Yang

Celine Lim

Celine and Eric Lim

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