Thursday, October 14, 2010

TAKERS Premier by Nuffnang

So Nuffnang had a competition to win 2 premier tickets to watch TAKERS. It said those few who did the most creative way on how would you catch the Takers would win the passes. So I crapped some rap.. lol..

If I could be a detective, i wouldnt be selective,
I will take up everything, so i can bring down anything,
The TAKERS keep on taking, and i’ll always keep on giving,
blowing out ma bullets fast, flying like a locust pass.
Strength and speed is not enough, we need to think smart enough
I may be one step back but you are 5 steps behind,
You may think i cannot catch you but i might be be in your room
how bout a bullet in your head, or your body in the ash
I may also use ma nuffnang, just to advertise your face
not to say that you are famous, but to bring u into light
ma readers will all know you, and they will catch you too
dont believe, see comments*, bunch of people wanna catch you!
*comments on competition page.. xD

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