Tuesday, November 23, 2010

4G charges by YES

In my previous post, I said that 9 sen you can get 3mb, 1 sms and 1 min of call..

However following up to the recent email sent to me from YES, it is said that 9sen is either for 3mb or 1sms or 1 min of call..

Email stated:

Reference no : 489250-82324584

Dear  Andrian Tam,

Thank you for contacting YesCare.

With reference to your enquiry, our chargers are not bundled. It works separately.
With 9 sen you can either use 3mb or 1 min talktime or 1 sms. However if you're using
2.5GB you'll get a RM9.00 rebate and if you're using 3.0GB RM23.00 rebate and if you're using 4.0GB and above
its 30% rebate for every GB used.
Please do not hesitate to contact us again if you have any further inquiries.

Always at your service,
Customer Advocate
So its still a question on how the rates are charged as when I signed up at Lot 10, a representative said that 9 sen is for  3mb and 1 sms and 1 min of call..
There is also news that YES.MY networked may be hacked, thats why you cant log in, but thankfully the internet connection is still on and fast.. So therefore my advise is, before you sign up, please double check its rates with the respective representatives on duty, and if that charges ok with you.. 

take care.. 

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QuaChee said...

tis sounds xciting. but yea, im still a bit confused with the rates. waiting.. :)