Sunday, November 21, 2010

4G is awesome!

The 4G network by YES in Malaysia was launched last friday, but till today, many are still puzzled on how it works or its pricing. Many also think is is overpriced.

From the side of a consumer, i say its cheap. Here's the math..

9 sen for 3mb of internet, 1 sms and 1 min of call,

90 sen for 30mb, 10 sms and 10 min

RM 9 for 300mb, 100 sms and 100 min of call,

RM 90 for 3000mb = 3GB , 1000 sms and 1000 min of call

PLUS RM 27 rebate if you reach the internet usage of 3GB, so instead of paying RM 90 for its usage, now its only RM 63..

Minimum payment monthly is RM 30.. This is prepaid, so if you use lesser than what you paid, the credit will be brought foward to the following months..

Isint that good value for a high speed wider bandwidth internet? Some may say, after many sign up, it will get slower. But as an abstract, 3G is a 3 way highway, 4G is a 6 way highway.. Imagine ur a car driver, less traffic right?

So, how does this work?
4G does not require a SIM card. Use the following devices to get a 4G network..

Do refer to this post for images of the devices..

Bring these devices where ever you go, log in your user name and password as it connects to the network and you are good to go..

Its like wifi, lets say you are in starbucks and you have your laptop..
Log in and use right?

Starbucks is your world and ur laptop is your device..

If im not mistaken, you can get 4G anywhere around the world without paying extra. The charges are the same even if you are overseas.. 

I am not a representative or promoting YES, im just informing as many are puzzled ..

Oh by the way im using 4G now and its 3.4 Mbps, which is 3400Kbps.. Wohoo!

Take care.. 

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Philip Khor said...

I don't know, there were some serious complains about Yes rates on the blogosphere. But thanks for telling us that!

Philip Khor said...

since i won't really use data, i don't really think the 9 sen is much of an issue. that's what's weird about the complains. i can't own a handphone yet so i'm just keeping a lookout for now.