Saturday, November 27, 2010

Back to my childhood days

So last night I was browsing through Facebook and realised a drastic change. About 40% or most of my active Facebook friends changed their profile pictures to cartoons. There was a wide range of them, from the famous Disney characters, Dragon Ball, Doraemon, Shin Chan and other cartoon characters as well. I was totally clueless about what was going on. 

I soon knew that it was Children's week or Childs Rights week and in support of that, many are changing their profile pictures to cartoon characters to bring back the past of their childhood, or to show that we care.

So what did I do, I updated my profile picture to Barney. Well it's not exactly a cartoon, but it was something that means a lot to me. xD

It holds a lot of memories.  My barney today. xD

Barney was my Christmas Present in 1994. From then onwards, it followed me everywhere I went. Well of course, either at home or the hotel room. I never really brought it out publicly.. To most of the countries I visited, it followed me. I had it from USA, as I was staying there from 1993-1998. I also brought it all the way to Japan and Thailand, I think I brought it to the UK too. 

You may be wondering why its right hand turned white. Well it did not turn white, its fur came off due to lots of biting and chewing when I was much younger. As a toddler, we tend to bite alot. haha. 

Christmas 1994 with my brother at Kirtland Avenue, Meade Heights, Pennsylvania. Well if you look at this place today, the houses are already demolished. 

yeah, we took its road sign home too. Our neighbour actually kept it first not till our recent visit to the US last Christmas 2009.

So since then, I brought barney back to Malaysia. My confession, I sleep with it almost everyday. Im a person who loves hugs so yeah. hehe. There will also be times that i will bring it down to watch tv, or even place him on the dining table during meals with the family. I kind of have a bond with it, I mean most kids do when they have stuff toys with them that sticks to them like glue. 

yeah, thats me.. =D

So have a great Children's Week, think of your childhood days too. Of course think back of the good memorieslah. =) 

If you have a child, bring them out for some fun or to a special restaurant they love. Always treasure them too, not just because its Childrens Week. LOL, lots of love.. =)

take care.. 

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