Thursday, November 18, 2010

Be Aware of your loved ones..

Going to tuition at a 10am sunny day, I thought today would just be as ordinary as the others.

This post is not to highlight anyone or offend them..

During tuition, my friend had a phone call from her mom. It seems to be that her dad was being admitted to the hospital. I just 'stoned'. It was something different, shocking. Well class had to continue, so did we. We soon had lunch together and decided to drop her a visit. Anyway, our batch of Form 6 students of 2010 seems to be very close to each other.. If you would like to see our relationship, please refer to this post.

Serdang Hospital. Where on Earth is that? I was actually familiar with it. Its located near Putrajaya and Mines Wonderland. So I said, I know where it is plus, we had a teacher following us. How nice of their class teacher to visit her students. *respect*

So we set off to Serdang while being alert and watching street signs, we finally reached.

The case is that, her dad was sleeping two nights before untill this evening. Thankfully at this moment where this blog post is being typed, he is now conscious. He was asleep for more than a day. They thought he was ok as he was snoring away, maybe they thought he needed rest.

I talked to my parents about the case. It seems that a person, by 12 hours of sleep, has to wake up. If he cant wake up, that means there is something not right. It is believed that he had a stroke. He is said to be blessed to be able to wake up soon, instead of going into a deep coma.

So what I have to say is that, there are things that we should know about health. Many people believe that some people may be very tired and want to sleep for a day long, but no. A short nap is enough to energize a tired person. Do be aware, or beware.

take care.. =)

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