Thursday, November 25, 2010

Chilling through the break..

Chilling at starbucks watching the traffic while reading photography magazines.. 

So my holidays just started about a week ago and I have decided to take a short break, but its not that im care free for this period. It is said that I have to keep studying during the holidays to be able to catch up with my form 6 syllabus. But for now, im more focused on my driving test and photography.

I am currently using a compact camera, a Nikon Coolpix S570. Its harder to use if you are trying out DSLR level photography because the camera is completely basic. It does'nt have a manual mode so its exposure is hard to control and being a compact camera, alot cant be done. However, I still strive to make the best out of my photography, trying new things and trying to expand my creativity, which kinda just struck me. I have limitations, live with it. Whats the use complaining and whining all the time? It waste your energy..

So have a look of my photography from a compact camera at

Not so fancy eh? 

Anyways, I have been studying for my 'undang' test, which is basically about the curriculum on the road, knowing its rules, signs and actions need to be taken if what happens. Besides, I have a good driving instructor too. Recommended by my friend, Wai Yip said that he is a nice decent man, and he is. He gave this book to me and a group of us under his wing, or steering wheel i shall say. His father owns the driving institute and he will take over it some day. Mr Chai, partly owns I Mandu Cekap Hi-Tec driving institute, is my instructor by far. If you plan to go for driving lessons, do contact me for his contact number. 

The fees are RM 930 which includes the 6 hour seminar, computer test, practical seminar, driving lessons, pre-JPJ test and the real test itself. Thats actually everything already. Their institute is located around Bukit Kemuning which is in Shah Alam. Those who stay there, in Subang Jaya or around these areas can go there as it is near. Do not worry about transport as they will always fetch you. 

The book you need, thank you Mr Chai..

Hopefully I will be getting back to my books and photography soon. Lots to learn in life. 

take care.. =)


Anonymous said...

hi ! I am wondering do you still have Mr.Chai 's contact number ? thanks in advance !

Andrian Tam said...

Hi, his contact is 0176580013 =)