Saturday, November 27, 2010

I Invented something!

Alright, so my head was like, I want to take photos in the rain but i may damage my camera. So I got my thinking cap on and instead of buying waterproof cases or underwater cases that cost more than RM120, I tried making one instead, but this definitely cannot go under water, I wouldnt even try. xD

So first, i needed a clear glass or hard plastic. So i tore down my broken clock.

I cleaned it up, sanded its corner cos its really sharp. I got 3 cuts on my left hand. Then I taped its corners to prevent further injuries. I used a pencil, a tripod head, plastic bags and a few paper clips with tape to make this thing.

The final outcome..

Its based from a tripod head..

Yeah, I accidentally cracked its glass. Do not put the paper clip on the right side. One is enough already. The picture shows 2 paper clips, but because of the one on the right, it cracked the glass.. 

So then I did a few test runs and my camera did not get wet at all. Just use good waterproof tape then you're good.. 

Only do the test runs when you are confident with its sealing. The pictures above were just test runs.. stay tuned for the next post when I really use this in the heavy rain and I will inform if there are any flaws..

take care.. =)

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