Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Launching of The 4G Network, YES

I actually knew this a few months back, when I saw a competition about 4G.. YTL corporation was having a competition on ideas on how 4G can be used.. So, I want in.. I submitted 2 ideas which i thought was going to be history, not till last sunday..

I received a phone call from a representitive of YES, Adrian Chew if im not mistaken. It was very nice of him to kindly ask me for my details and fill me in about what I need to know. My idea was shortlisted and I was invited for its VIP official launch of the 4G network at The J.W. Marriot Hotel! Wow I was so shocked!

I took it as an opportunity, for the fact that I have not really been to such big launching in my life. The Prime Minister was suppose to attend, but it was the deputy instead. he launched the event with Tan Sri Dato' Seri Dr. Yeoh Tiong Lay by lifting the Earth virtually into the air.. 

A live telecast via 4G to London was also going on as the launching was held at both cities.. Its speed was fast. it did have a video lag but it was just only about 1 second.. You can believe that it is live because as our hall clapped, the hall in London also clapped, after 1 second. A phone call by Tan Sri Muhyddin Yassin to a Malaysian student to London was made and it was up to date, but its sound was not clear due to some technical difficulties, well they tried to plug a phone into a sound system, so its not the 4G's fault. 

We then moved on to the public launching where me and my team had vip privileges as we went in first to the YES flagship store at Lot 10.. Keenan Ong and Robyn Tung as my teammates quickly signed up for the service before it was opened to the public. The workers there were fast and efficient. 

So whats the great thing about YES data plans?

First you have to know how this works. Now, everything is run through the internet, phone calls, video calls, email, internet and phone book. There is no need of a SIM card. Just have its transceiver anywhere around the world, just log in and you are good to go. 

Types of transceivers, 

GO 4G dongle is a very compact USB dongle that can be used as you plug it into your laptop.

HUDDLE 4G Mobile Hotspot, be a hotspot. Just put this device in your pocket and you are a wifi hotspot. This device will connect to the 4G network and has a wifi function that can connect up to 5 devices around you, anywhere.. It has a battery life of 5 hours if it is fully charged. 

BUZZ 4G Cloud Phone by Samsung, this phone connects directly to the internet for everything including calls, you will have a mobile number where anyone can contact you even if you do not have a sim card. It has a slide QWERTY keyboard. (refer to bottom right of photo)

ZOOM 4G gateway is a 4G router for internet at home or work.. a telephone can also be connected to your home phone so if anyone calls your mobile number, the home phone will ring. 

Its only 9 cents = 3mb of internet = 1 min of calls = 1 sms and 4G is 5x faster than 3G.. Maybe you will wonder, sure this network will get slower, but it is said that as an abstract, 3G is a 3 lane highway but 4G is a 6 lane highway.. Bandwith is bigger so many people can use it without slowing down its speed.. 

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