Thursday, December 16, 2010

3rd lesson, hours 5 and 6

At most driving schools, there will be 2 routes to go through, either A or B/QTI. Well QTI is more of a Qualifying Test at the Institute. Today I practiced both routes, but more to the B route.

Mr Chai was to fetch me at 11am, so i got up and had my breakfast. I just took milo cereals, thinking I will be home in time for lunch. The fact is, I just finished my lunch (time now is 5.17pm).

Together with Joe Yi, he was with me since the first day, we took turns going around the routes. Each takes 2 or 3 times, then rest. So that already took up 4 hours because each lesson is usually 2 hours, and there were 2 of us. So I was waiting till the clock struck 3pm.

After all the practice, Mr Chai told us to wait for him at the office. I thought were going to go home. He then told us to register at the counter, and the lady passed me a checklist and told me to wait at the waiting area, to take my QTI test. I was stunned, walked away in silence not knowing whats next because, it was a test.

How did it go, I dont know. You will have a random JPJ employee to grade you while you drive, and the car is different from what you have practiced with. My car had squeaking sounds and it vibrates a lot. You can say I was freaked out and nervous, especially when the JPJ tester doesn't really respond to you. But it ended up quite well, I passed. I got 8 demerits out of 20. (If you get 20, you will be failed on the spot)

It was stated that I did not look at the blind spots, did not change gear properly and did not brake in time. Trying to recall, I don't think I overlooked any of that. Well anyways, I passed.

My D-day, Driving test day, or Due date, or Die date, is on the 5th of January. Until then, I will be having 2 more lessons.

Fact about Mr. Chai, he has never been to Singapore before. 

take care.

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