Friday, December 03, 2010


Usually when we sleep, we have dreams. Dreaming also occurs during the day too, which is known as day dreaming. The different thing between each type of dream is that, your day dreams can be controlled by your thoughts. However, dreaming while sleeping is like a total virtual reality, just that you cant control it.

Ever wondered what controls your dreams? If i ever knew, I wish I could control it and not dream of a few specific things.

There was this time where I was dreaming that I was using a dSLR at home. It looked so real as if, i was really taking pictures and having fun with it, making my mini home studio and producing great photography. It wasn't long till I woke up.

I stared at the ceiling wondering, why are dreams like that. It shows the things u like a lot, but breaks your heart when you find out of the truth. Sometimes, I just wish to sleep the whole day so I can live a dream. I know its totally a waste to live a dream in a dream. Good thing I did not.

Sometimes dreams also give you thoughts like, you have done that before. Then some day when you are in a conversation saying what you did that day, it was actually a dream. you have never done such thing before.

Since then, I begun to hate dreams. It gives you false hopes when you want to start the day. But I wonder, what is the true meaning of a dream?

How about De Ja Vu? That is when something happens to you and you can recall that event saying, "oh, I knew this was going to happen" or "I have seen this before" They say that De Ja Vu occurs because we are living our life over and over again so we can actually remember our experiences from our life before. True or not?

I usually wonder, was it from our dreams? Can we actually predict our future through dreams?

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