Saturday, December 11, 2010

GoD a.k.a. Game of Death

If I had my windows mobile already, I would have posted this blog post within a few minutes as I will type it all out in the bus. 

It all started off with some commotion in The Star R.AGE office. It is known that Nasa Entaban has a thing for high heels and all, but today, the challenge was set to get her off her comfort zone. Therefore, The Game of Death was created.

The event was open to the R.AGE employees and The Star BRATs. Nike Niki Cheong and Ian Yee with 22 other annoying members took part in this challenge, including me. It was a deadly game indeed, but good to say that no one was sent to the hospital or had any serious injuries, not to mention that the St. John were "empty handed".

So first, we headed off to The Islamic University of Science Malaysia at Nilai. It was about an hours drive from Menara Star via bus. The reason why this venue was used is because they have a very good running track, completed with marks and grids for different running events.

We had to go through 2 events. Among them were the 6x100 meter run and the 6x400 run. It is 6 because we had about 6 of us in a team. Maybe there were 7, I couldn't count at that moment with all the adrenaline flowing in me.

From my side, I never do training for running, I dont do jogs nor have a treadmill to use. I basically have no speed, strength and stamina. But as a team, I can't let my other team mates, who consist of me, Leon Teh, Chris Lim, Roxanne Low, Beverlley Lim, Lim Yen Li and Sri, lose because of my weakness. I placed it all at heart, and ran for it.

The 100 meter sprint was not 'breathtaking', being untrained, I was slow. The hardest event was the 400 meters, where we had to run a complete track. I never ran this far before, but like I said, I cant give in. I ran, following the strategy of a trainer, Sri, who told us to take big steps and breathe slowly. Advice taken and at the last 70 meters, I sprinted with my all.

Our team finished 3rd out of 4th. Not so much of a second runner up I guess. I think I should do more training.

Soon, we went off to Kota Seriemas to carry out the remaining 4 events. Their facilities were good. The basketball court had perfect rings and boards which were good for competitions, Their sandy court for beach soccer and beach volleyball was very fine and their grass for tug-of-war was just perfect for gripping.

So the 2nd event was tug-of-war.I was actually scared, like really scared, because I never did this before and I have no arm strength plus my weight, is underweight. Every moment when my team is called out, I start to shiver inside. I have no idea if it was me, or our strategy that made us lose this event. Out of all the rounds we played, we only won one round. However after that wining round, I had a sense of satisfaction that I really put in all than I can, I used a strength level higher than any in my whole life. It was like, I had to pull that rope to save a life. And when the marking strings crossed the line, it was all joy, for that moment.

Anyway due to the floor-dragging event, many of us have cuts and wounds on our legs and arms. Imagine being pulled through thorns.

Basketball was next, and despite the excitement of playing basketball, I realised I was drained. It was a full court 5-on-5 match. I lost my focus and strength, I could not play well. It was quite embarrassing to not play well in a game that I mostly play at. The first 2 games, we lost. However the last game, we won with an epic 3-point swish by me, 2 points by Roxanne and I think Leon got a 2 point also. My 3-point shot was actually luck, I would say. Overall, we ended up second this time.

We then went for lunch at a mamak nearby. It was somewhere beside Mini Mydin. It has an opened air toilet. We did not eat too much because we had 2 more events ahead of us. I would not want to talk about its food. However before lunch, Stephanie bruised her leg. We brought her to the St. John's for first aid but, they just weren't like how they suppose to be. 

Beverlley was excited for the next match. A game she represents her school with, volleyball. Before the game, she already started hugging the brand new molten volleyballs. She also started showing us how to play and hit the ball. Talk about enthusiasm! So we played the match. We did quite well in the beginning, but we fell to the 2nd place in the end because, I missed the ball 2 times. There was one game where everyone was hitting the ball around, and Aivee hit it upwards, and it falls back down. Not realising how high the net really was, i tried to slap in the ball but failed. Sorry Beverlley. You did best, not me. 

We played beach soccer after, which I knocked out within the first game. I dont mean knock out as I fainted, but I had a toe injury. At first I had no substitution, so i just tried running around and defending the goal. By the second game, the pain got worse so I was substituted with one of the trainers. All these games were not purely BRATs. Each group had a trainer with them.

oh yeah, the reason why my toe specifically got injured is because I kicked the football at the same time against another guy.The impact of the ball on my toe was like, kicking a brick with my shoes on. During the beach events, we are not allowed to wear shoes as it could cause the ankle to sprain.

All in all, team R.AGE won the whole challenge. We ended the day by going dinner with my group of friends around Menara Star.

Fact about Niki Cheong, I believe he goes to the gym alot. He is very active in game. He just cant stop running. 

Fact about Ian Yee, Ianyeething also can. Dont judge a book by its cover. During the 100 meter sprint, he ran faster than a school-runner-look-like and even had the time to stick out his tongue. xP

Fact about Nasa Entaban, she's got game. =)

Facts of people are by me from what I observe, not what they testify. 

Take care. =)

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