Friday, December 10, 2010

I drove an Audi R8 at driving school!

Mr. Chai went to my house to pick me up in a flashy new car. At first I thought it wasn't him, I mean, since when Malaysian driving school use sports car wan? So never mind, i went inside his R8 and headed towards our driving school at Kota Kemuning.

In the car, I saw a real Audi R8! dream over~~ How nice it would be to drive an European Supercar that costs around half a million? Well I was thinking back, maybe, it's not right to have this type of car on Malaysian roads. No syok! lah.. 

The R8 in a traffic jam..

Anyway, today was more about precision and accuracy, not to forget, discipline! in a Kancil..

I still speed a lot..

There are 3 main course you have to take in the circuit of the driving school. Sounds like food huh? Bot no, its not pizza that you have, its the steering wheel. Anyways, it was the parking, 3-point-turn and the hill.

drag race huh? 

I dont think I need to explain how to park and do all the courses. It was a good experience, but it was tough. My control of the clutch is still not that smooth, I still speed a lot. But my instructor was very impressed, he said if it was him, he will pass me. Sadly, he is not JPJ. 

Fact of Mr, Chai, my driving instructor. He plays musical instruments too such as the drums, guitar and bass. He had an underground band before he got married. He currently collects guitars. 

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