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Kuala Lumpur International Motor Show 2010

The Kuala Lumpur International Motor Show or KLIMS (check for event details and pictures of the hot! models below this post) is held from the 3rd till the 12th of December. Its themed, "We Care" and the auto show definitely shows how much car makers of today really care about the environment. There was a wide range of vehicles, from petrol to diesel all the way to electric powered cars. But the highlight here is, how to make the world a better place? First, we have to care about our environment and the future of the younger generation.

Hybrid has been the talk of the town. People converse about new hybrid cars and about how they work believing that these cars only run on Hydrogen or water or electricity. However, that is not all about hybrid vehicles. These vehicles are basically vehicles that can produce lower pollutant emissions such as Carbon. This includes, in Malaysia for example, Natural Gas Vehicle (NGV) which are used in taxis.

Car makers across the globe has already planted the seed to make this world more 'green'. It is good that Malaysian car makers like Proton and Perodua has taken the next step, keeping pace with the world, building environmental friendly vehicles. There is a revolution going on in Malaysia.

As you walk into the hall, the first attraction was the Perodua Bezza. No one could believe that our local car maker can create an astonishing concept car. "Biar Betul", said a boy beside me. (Biar betul means Real or not in English)

There are no specific specifications of this car yet, but it is believed that the car may run on a Precious Metal-free Liquid-feed Fuel Cell (PMfLFC) engine. This type of engine is reported to exhibit high ratings in performance and feasibility.

A PMfLFC engine..

Proton on the other hand are building electric based and NGV based cars. 

Proton Saga using an electric powered engine..

An electric powered Exora..

Electric Engine System..

Proton Emas..

A car charger..

Proton has also conducted competitions like The Proton Invention and Innovation Competition. The Proton staff were to break down scrap Proton cars and build new cars under a certain budget and with limited resources. Its objective was to inculcate the innovative and creative culture among Proton staff. Another one of the other few objectives were also to create a better understanding among staff on the need of green technology.

These are a few of the outcomes. 

Not bad for a cheap home made car. I wonder if we are allowed to build and drive our own cars.. xD

So now into the international scene, Toyota

Toyota came out with the Hybrid Concept FT-HS of Future Toyota - Hybrid Sport..

Another few of the hybrid models were the infamous Prius, the 1/X and the Lexus LS600hL..

The Toyota 1/X..

Honda also displayed 2 of their Hybrid models, the Insight and CR-Z

A cut through of the engine system of the Honda Insight..

Honda CR-Z

Not forgetting the car maker of the renown Lancer Evolution Series, Mitsubishi! and Hyundai, the maker of the Hyundai Coupe. 

Mitsubishi iMiEV Sport Air..

Hyundai ix-Metro

Nissan, the car maker of the Nissan GT-R a.k.a. The Godzilla. Despite destroying the city as Godzilla, it literally doesn't actually, the Nissan Juke are good friends with the environment. 

This car with the Xtronic CVT system doesn't make it hybrid, but it is fuel efficient and it increases performance..

The motor show was going green, but top sport cars and comfortable sedans were on show too.. 

Nissan GT-R modified by M7 Japan

Lotus Exige

Lotus Esprit

Chevorlet Camaro Concept Transformers Version..

Nissan Fairlady 370Z

Lamborghini LP640

Audi R8

Volkswagen Golf GTI

Ferrari 599 Coupe (name can be mistaken)

Ferrari 458 Italia

Lamborghini LP720

Aston Martin DBS


Mitsubishi Lancer Sportback

Honda Civic Type R Euro

Hyundai Genesis

Pugeot Le Mans

Kia Koup

Among the other cars, bikes and trucks were, 

KLIMS was worth it. An adult ticket on weekends is RM 20. For other ticketing prices, here:

There is also an Interactive Information Kiosk to answer your needs. 

Try your luck to win a Toyota Prius, Proton Saga (x2) and Naza Motorcycles. 

Finally, Pictures of the Hot! models of KLIMS 2010 here! (or click the image below)

Hey, Bumblebee is also a Hot! Model! xD

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