Sunday, December 26, 2010

Laptops for free!

It was when the church bells were ringing. The mass has ended and we were on our way to the car a block down the road. Merry Christmas! An ex-colleague of my dad greeted us. However, their Christmas was not so merry.

About half an hour ago...

Mass was going on and the alarm of a car was ringing, and it was ringing for quite awhile too. As usual, we thought it could be a false alarm. No one reacted or took action to the call. It somehow beats the purpose of a car alarm. So much for security.

So we met them on the way to our car. We thought it’s Christmas and everything was fine, not till her 3 year old son mumbled, “Laptop no more” or something along those lines. He pointed to their Perodua Kelisa. Our old friend said that someone smashed the car window and stole the laptop from the booth.

Into detail, the rear glass window on the right side of the car was smashed. They did not smash the large window, the one that could be wind down. Instead, they went for the smaller corner of the window, unlocked the back door and took the laptop away via rear seat. The car boot is accessible through the rear seats.

The thing is, the laptop can’t be seen in the boot. A Kelisa has a rear dashboard which covers its contents. However, it is said around the internet that laptop sensors are invented. These devices have the ability to detect laptops in car boots, no matter if the laptop is turned on or off.

I have no details about the device, but I’m emphasising more about ourselves. We should take care of our own belongings.

I always remind my friends who carry laptops or valuables, to not leave them in the car even if it is in the car boot. It is seen in car parks too, signboards that tell you to not leave your belongings in the car.

So it always comes back to us. If we lose something, who is to be blamed? It is our self due to our carelessness in taking care of our belongings. So, always bring your gold with you. When its gone, its gone with the wind. 

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kelhome said...

agree with you..can't blame others if somthing like that happen.. we ourself who are not careful enough