Monday, December 06, 2010

Logging about my health condition?

First of all, my condition is not so bad as there are more known sicknesses out there which are worse. I am posting this as a personal log, thats why its called bLOGging. This is somehow worth posting because this is the first time i suffered badly throughout the night.

It started off by having stomach ache and gassy feeling in mo stomach around 10p.m. What I ate for dinner, Roti Planta and Limau Ais.. It is said that if you take its dahl (its a type of sauce used in Indian food with bread) late at night, after being exposed too long in air, it is 'expired'. True enough, I vomited at around 12.15 a.m.

It was not only that. I am also having a slight fever of 37.6 degree Celsius. The fever is slight, but the pain is severe. My limbs felt alot of strains and cramps, until now. I also took Paracetamol to cure fever.

when I slept last night, it was so hot. Heat was trap between me and my bed. My stomach was empty too so I was really hungry. I was stuck between a dream and reality. The dream kept me in bed. I could not get up. It was so hot and i kept tossing and turning. Finally about 4.15a.m., I pushed myself off the bed, took a packet of chocolate drink to fill my stomach and took a shower, not so cold, not so hot but just enough (water temperature lower than body temperature) to cool myself down.

No sign of diarrhea yet. 

So conclusion, do not take curry or dahl at night, unless they continuously cook new sets of it. 

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lorna vanderhaeghe products said...

There are foods that gets expired when exposed in the air for too long.