Monday, December 27, 2010

The Mobility of YES 4G Network

So it's already a month since the next big thing happened. The 4G network by YES was promised to give mobility in fast internet communication. So to put it to the test, I brought my 4G dongle with me down south. The thing is, as I left Subang Jaya, the connection became very unstable. And from then on, I switched to another internet network.

Its a bit of a disappointment when 'this very fast internet connection' cant be used along the North South highway. The 3G networks seem to have more mobility, but of course they did not have 100% coverage either.

We then checked into a hotel beside the sea near Klebang yesterday. After settling down, I tried the 4G network again. it seems that there is not connection there. Even the 3G networks there were unstable. So maybe its an area problem.

Im now in Pagoh and there is still no 4G network. However, I'm fine with it. Everyone has a start. The first time 3G was launched, it wasn't as mobile as it was said. So with luck, in a few more weeks and months, hopefully politics dont interfere, we can have the whole Malaysia 4Geed.

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