Thursday, December 09, 2010

My First driving lessons..

Excited or worried, I wonder where I stood sat.

I got the message yesterday morning. Mr Chai said he has received my L licence from JPJ already. Despite all the excitement that could go through me, I knew something was still stuck in me. My food poisoning has not totally recovered though there are good improvements. Never take dahl at night, not fresh!

It took me awhile to actually figure myself out if I'm alright, or would have turned a Perodua Viva into a cubicle. Thanks to dhamotil, medicine, I am, constipating? I still wonder if the medicine is to cure diarrhea or cause constipation. Ook, nevermind!

So today at 12pm, he came to pick me up. I was wondering if he was asking me to drive straight away, or its going to be some practical class. I didn't know the procedure of his teachings at first. He then drove us to the Taman Perindustrian which was just a kilometer away from my home. There laid a very big-unused-parking which I think was owned by Proton last time.

He said," Before the test, there are a few things you have to do when you get into the car."

  1. Greet the JPJ examiner in BM. 
  2. Adjust your seat. (must press clutch to show that the seating position is really comfy correct.)
  3. Adjust mirror. For side mirror, the car is 10%, the view is 90%. Center mirror, can see behind ok already!
  4. Say,"mirror ok...........mirror ok.........mirror ok."
  5. Smile at the examiner. 
  6. Wear seatbelt. (Note to self, dont pull the seatbelt so hard till I hit the horn)
  7. Check gear, make sure free gear. 
  8. Start engine.
  9. Final check.
So then, he thought me how to control the clutch, brake and accelerator. 
  • To start moving from full stop.
  1. Press clutch all the way.
  2. Press accelerator abit, hear the sound. Dont' look at meter. (This part I did wrongly so many times. My shoe padding was thick so, can't feel the pedal. Rev ed up to 6000rpm a few times)
  3.  Let go clutch slowly until you feel the car move, stop, dont move the clutch any further. 
  4. After the car gain more speed, release the clutch fully. 
  • To stop from moving. 
  1. Press clutch all the way.
  2. Press the brake slowly.
  3. Full stop.
Then we went for a few rounds around the parking lot. I had to get my coordination correct for turning especially. He said my steering was not bad.
  • Slow down to do a turn.
  1. Press clutch all the way.
  2. Press the brake abit.
  3. Change to 2nd gear.
  4. Look straight, let go clutch first then accelerate. 
  • How to turn from a full stop.
  1. Press clutch all the way.
  2. Press accelerator abit.
  3. Slowly release clutch until the car moves abit, hold clutch then release slowly after picking up speed.
  4. While car is moving, turn, change to gear 2 then straighten car. 
  • How to do U-turn, same as previous. 

He also thought the changing gear process, that I have to do 90 degree angles. Timing for gears are as follows (for an average Perodua Viva):

  1. starting gear.
  2. after 2-3 seconds.
  3. at 25kp/h
  4. at 40kp/h
  5. not yet teach
  6. not available. its called reverse. 
He thought me how to practice the control of my pedals by using lines. Every line on the car park, my tire has to stop on it. That was good practice. There are also alot more that he thought me like slowing down at danger areas. He also said I like to speed. I drove his Viva till 50-55kp/h. Im not exaggerating. 

Anyways, it was fun. He actually said I learn very fast. A 2 hour lesson was finish in half an hour. The next 1 and a half hours, I applied all he thought me on the road. 

Fact about Mr.Chai, my driving instructor. He also likes photography but gave up on it because it was too expensive. 

take care.. =)

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Philip Khor said...

good luck! haven't started my driving classes yet, so :(

żħї~qїňg said...

he teach u so many things in 1st lesson? gluck :)

Rose Winslet said...

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