Saturday, December 25, 2010

My trip to Nuffnang..

Usually among bloggers, the topic about advertisement and money making can be a hot topic. Advertisers like Nuffnang pay you by the number of advertisements clicked, of course with honesty. But its not just money they give you, they broaden possibilities.

Nuffnang has been giving out premier passes for movies, smart phones and such through contests. Its a really good job they have been doing, and though i dont earn a lot from them, I am still happy to be a part of them.

Recently, they started a birthday surprise project, or campaign, where 250 random Glitterati members, having their birthday on that month, will get 4 complimentary movie passes to watch any* movie at Tanjung Golden Village cinemas. I was one of the random, or lucky ones.

I was informed about it via email. I was to pick up the passes from Nuffnang's office in KL, somewhere around Jalan Yap Ah Shak. Well, where on earth is that?  Thanks to Google Earth, I found my way there. It is said that I can reach that area via monorail, by going down at the Medan Tuanku station.

My adventure began by taking the bus from home. I headed off to KL Sentral so I can take the monorail. Thank goodness for Subang Jaya to have public transportation that goes all the way to KL Sentral, a hub for most railway lines in Malaysia. It has made my travelling much easier, especially when I have no car to drive.

When I reached Medan Tuanku station, I walked towards Sheraton Hotel. Beside it was Jalan Doraisamy, which I had to walk through it to get to Jalan Yap Ah Shak. What was interesting was that, Jalan Doraisamy were full of bars and pubs. I tweeted, tagging them and saying that,

How ironic? xD well anyways, Nuffnang's office is in the Heritage House, which definitely wasn't a house. It was a skyscraper! I was all along looking for a house or maybe a shop lot. xD

That is a very big house.. xD

So yeah, I got in the building and took the lift up to the err, 12Bth floor? Yeah it had 11, 12, then 12A, 12 B and then 15 floors.. I slowly drifted through the hallway, taking my time looking around till I reached the door saying, "Nuffnang, Creative Young Minds Working Inside." Hmm, well Im creative too! xD (you can see my photography on my Creative Wall. =D)

Beep! I pressed the door bell. Yeah, It wasn't Ding Dong.. xD Soon, a Nuffnang employee opened the door. With a soft and pleasant greet, she asked me why I am here. So with a simple answer, I said to collect the birthday surprise complimentary passes. Have a seat was politely responded. In a few minutes, i signed my name and left the headquarters.

The office was just computers and a meeting room. It looked like Facebook's headquarters when it was starting. Hopefully Nuffnang will have a bigger office and go worldwide. =)

After the escapade, I went off to Petaling Street for my tuition. Yes, I stay in Subang Jaya and go all the way to KL for tuition. xD

take care. =)

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Niki Cheong said...

I forgot how orange the Nuffnang office is! LOL