Friday, December 17, 2010

Pre Comic-fiesta feeling.

Alright so tomorrow is comic fiesta, the festival where people dress up in costumes, sell their products, videos, comics, key chains, you name it. Just anything about manga.

Well, I'm sure a lot of you know what is comic fiesta about. Honestly, I don't know. What I know is that its an event where Japanese cartoons or animations from the form of videos and comics, come to life.

Among the famous mangas I hear often are Naruto, Bleach and a few more, but my personal favorite is Final Fantasy. I think if you go to comic fiesta tomorrow at Berjaya Times Square, I'll be most likely around the Final Fantasy booth, if there is one.

Not being a big fan of manga, I ironically am a big fan of Final Fantasy. Well, why only FF?

Graphic detail that is so sharp. Take a look at a scene from Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Complete Version Blu-Ray Edition (I took the slide from my computer, as I watch HD on my pc.)

Dramatic story line. If you keep yourself updated on Final Fantasy VII trilogy, it is actually a very very long and emotional story, though it has funny aspects too.Well, this is its trilogy (If im not mistaken).

  1. Before Crisis (Hand phone game only in Japan)
  2. Crisis Core (PSP game)
  3. Last Order (Video)
  4. Final Fantasy VII (PS1 game)
  5. Mini-stories of Denzel and Tifa (On the way to a smile, novel)
  6. Advent Children (Movie)
  7. Drige of Cerberus  (PS2 game)
Cloud's epic 6 swords in 1. 

Awesome limit breaks.

Hot and sexy Gorgeous female characters.

Well anyways, Final Fantasy graphics is just awesome. =)

Hope to see you guys in Comic Fiesta and to learn more about manga.

Anyway, have a look at one of Final Fantasy VII official soundtrack by the lead singer of My Chemical Romance, Gerard Way featuring Kyosuke Himuro.

take care!

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1 comment:

Resha said...

I myself am a MAJOR fan of Final Fantasy too :D Just like you, I love the graphics. I'm a sucker for good graphics xD But anyway, I think that once you get to Comic Fiesta, you won't just be hanging around the FF booth. There'll be so much interesting stuff, you simply can't stay away! That's what I'm hoping for anyway :]