Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Something on you also gets hungry..

When you have a meal and small pieces of food or drops of sauce drops onto your clothes, your parents usually may say,

"Aiya, your clothes also eating ah?"

Well most of the time, it accidentally happens. We cant resist to rush and munch down all that tasty food. But what if someone actually planned to feed your clothes?

If you are in high school, I'm not sure if there is such tradition in primary schools, most likely you will see someone getting splashed by water after school.


Its known to be a Birthday Bash tradition. When it is someones birthday, we splash the person with water.

Youths has become more innovative and creative that the tradition became much more, messy, in a good way of course.

The use of water has expanded to flour. Then one day someone thought of baking a cake so they added eggs too. Ice cream cake was invented, so as ice cream bashing too. Bright red cherries are perfect for a cake, but we didn't have any. So tomato sauce helped to cover up the bright red ingredient, but dont forget we need to drink to. So cincau was served too!

Too bad there was no oven or time to bake, so each one of us for this case gathered one ingredient
respectively and prepared at our friends house, Kim Poh.

His house was located near the USJ 11 park where Soo Yin, the birthday girl, was brought in to the trap.

The 13 of us walked through the alleys to surprise the target. Another person, Chun Yeet brought her into the trap and kept hold of her. We than came out of nowhere and started chasing her. She ran across the whole field into another housing area. Some of us chased her but she decided to come back.

We caught hold of her and while singing Happy Birthday, we began to splash her with all our ingredients above. However there was no flour. Chun Yeet left it somewhere.

thats me sharing food too, or forced to share.. xD

She was soaking wet from head to toe. With the aura of eggs and tomato sauce, she then went chasing us and hugged us. Some of us also grabbed each other so that we cant run away from her. Most of us had "shared food" with her. It was messy, but it was fun and memorable too.

"I feel very touched =D", she said..

So overall I was thinking, maybe you guys might say we are wasting food, because eggs are edible. But to make someones day, there is a price to pay and its way worth it. Nothing can buy happiness, but buying things and putting in effort can make a person happy..

Photography by Kim Poh.. =)

take care.. =)

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