Thursday, December 02, 2010

Sweet Plum Potato Fries

French Fries were basically potatoes deep fried in oil. Soon potato wedges also was made. But today, its not just potato. Its sweet potato!

I have not gone to Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks before but today Reuben asked me to try one of their latest snack. We were going to watch a movie in the cinema so instead of popcorn, we tried this.

The Sweet Plum Potato Fries. This is a snack where the sweet potato is sliced into fries and deep fried. Its RM4, so its abit expensive but taste good. After frying, it is added with curry powder, i think, to add the spice. 

Its worth the try if you are going for a movie, wanting a snack or feel like pampering yourself..

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