Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Thank You has become meaningless..

Today while I was having lunch at the restaurant across my house, a lady served me yee mee as I ordered. Straight from my mouth, I said thank you. This got me thinking a bit.

This post is not meant to show off that im a nice person or what.. There are a lot of nice people out there ok.. =D

It is hard to hear the word thank you among each other. It is not because of the language difference. Terima kasih (in the Malay language), Xie Xie (in the Chinese language) and Nandri (in the Tamil language used by Indians) are not heard often. Some people will just take and go.

Ok, well there are people who just say it for the sake of saying it, which is meaningless.

and finally, those who mean it. =)

So I think it is about time to be thankful. Put some thought in it when someone gives you something or does something for you. People are Not like a pepsi can, you drink then throw away. Lets make a change to our society today by saying,

Take care.. =)

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Yes 'thank you' has meaning in person to person interactions. It is interesting how its use as a reward has been abstracted to impersonal public signs where it is arguably meaningless. Often becoming more of a weak instruction with no argument to back it up.