Thursday, December 02, 2010

Thank You Nuffnang!

How do you feel when your Birthday is getting closer? The thoughts run through you, I want something new, or maybe free. Perhaps I want to pamper myself.

Out of all things, there was Nuffnang! Today I received an email from them saying that I have gotten 4 complimentary passes to watch any movie because of my Birthday!

Well I'm sure many of you do not know when my Birthday is, but this 18th December is my 18th Birthday! Some may say, "your finally legal!" 

Anyways, I would like to thank Nuffnang and TGV Cinemas for the 'surprise!' and making my Birthday Special! I am sure I would be enjoying a movie there with my family. Most likely I will be watching Tron Legacy. =)

From December 2010, Nuffnang will be giving out 4 complimentary movie tickets from TGV Cinemas to 250 random Glitterati members if they're birthday is on that month respectively every month. 

take care. =)

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Ching Siew Choo Clarissa said...

Have a rollicking birthday :D

Puteri Bahiyah said...

Wait your birthday is on the 18th? Mine is on the 17th. HAHAHAHA :)

Andrian Tam said...

Cool. =D Happy Birthday SOon! are you on nuffnang?

Puteri Bahiyah said...

yea i'm on nuffnang too. but i didn't get the free tickets. but i don't mind. i'd always get complimentary tickets from my aunt :)