Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Trying out medication

From my previous post of my health condition, sadly there is a 2nd post to it.

I began to have diarrhea and today is the second to third day. Stomach does feel cramp and it has a feeling as if i ate too much chili, some kind of acidic feeling in my stomach. The one thing I regret is not drinking lots of hot water, which is believed to help kill bacteria in the stomach. I used to recover from stomach aches with hot water, but I guess it also depends on the situation.

For now I am drinking green tea and I am taking a medication called dhamotil, which contains 2.5mg diphenoxylate HCl and 0.025mg atropine sulfate. This medication is in the class of antidiarrheals.So, I hope it will work and I'll blog about its progress soon.

take care and don't take dahl at night..

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Philip Khor said...

take care and get well soon

buy drugs online said...

Be careful with what you eat to avoid stomach aches.