Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Vote for me!

Hi, ever had friends coming up to you and asking them to vote for themselves in contests on facebook? It happens many times and I myself did a contest on facebook, winner is by the most likes usually.

After that competition, I realised a lot. Voting through facebook is usually, unfair. If a person comes up to me and asks me to vote for them, I can't say no or ignore because they can see your actions through notifications. In the end of the day, it is more like a force vote. You are voting for that person not because they deserve it, but because he ask you to.

Another factor that affects votes of an individual is the number of friends. The social media is a third party communicating tool, you don't meet face to face unless you really do. There are profiles or people, who spam their friend requests and end up having thousands of unknown 'friends', using that as an aid in your voting. The system of voting through facebook is completely manipulated.

Some websites also allow multi-clicks, where a person can click as many times until a certain limit to vote for that person.

Some people also use different computers, different accounts or different I.P. addresses just to vote for themselves a lot of times.

Sometimes, the more 'famous' people get votes, but the unknown people who deserve votes, dont get it.

I'm not saying that I dont mean it when I vote for my friends, Im saying its just unfair.

Competitions should be held through live systems, like television and radio, where anonymous people vote for those who deserve it more, not just for friends. They should be either judged by professionals too, depending on the competition.

Facebook should just remain as a communication media, or used for publicity.

Personal note: I am not satisfied when I win because of manipulation, I prefer to win by my efforts and works, deserving a true vote depending on the competition. 

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