Sunday, December 05, 2010

Why on lights in the tunnel?

While driving during the day, we tend to not even think about lights. There is the sun, we have streetlights too. Well what if, both were not there?

In tunnels, we usually take its basic lighting system for granted. There is a saying that systems can go haywire and it is true. A single problem can make a whole system fail.

Ever wondered why are there sign boards telling you to on your headlights and not speed in tunnels?

Look at these 3 pictures..

This is the environment of a tunnel with its lighting systems. What if it blacks out suddenly?

Everything becomes dark and you are driving. You have no idea what is in front of you, either a car or a wall. But if your headlights are on,

You can at least see other cars and have more visibility compared to being in a pitch black area.

They say there are back up light systems, but as I said, a whole system can fail. A system working or not is not the debate. Its your safety and how much you care about yourself. So, just flick that light switch on whenever you go into the tunnels.

A safety message from me to the new drivers out there. =)

take care..

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1 comment:

Mizi a.k.a SKELERTOR said...

the main think is.. follow the road instruction .. when they ask to switch on the light mean switch on not ignore it..