Monday, December 19, 2011

Shopping for Christmas

Christmas is coming in about a week and have you done shopping for your friends or loved ones? Well Christmas is all about sharing and offering. It doesn't always have to come as objects, but spending time with your family can also be a great Christmas gift, especially those who have family members form far away or those who may not be in good terms with one another.. Its time to mend the relationship between one another and bring joy to everyone.. =)

Well anyway, my parents decided to drop by The Curve today. Do you guys remember Yang I-Deun, the skillful piano player who is a mix of Korean-Portuguese-Armenian-French? I met him again today and this time he had a special slot with Khairil, a saxophonist, and the duo was just awesome. =) He did his usual routine, playing songs that you hear on air but modifying them into a much more creative art with a piano as his paint brush, and he also included some Christmas songs to get you in that Christmas mood.. (catch him on Saturdays and Sundays from 12-1pm, 2-3pm and 3-5pm at The Curve Grand Piano)

They just love the music.. =)

The Curve also has nice Christmas decor, well doesn't every shopping mall have? Well its just that I happen to drop by here so im just gonna show you whats in The Curve.

I'll be going to KL tomorrow with my friends to check out Berjaya Times Square and Bukit Bintang for some post exam partying and Christmas shopping. Do stay tuned for more updates from me.. =) 

Have a Blessed Christmas.. :)

If you need performers for an event or wedding, do contact;
Donnie G
Youtube: donniejazzlatino

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Saturday, December 17, 2011


What comes to your mind when you think of the name ChromeHeart? Well it seems to be something solid, right? At first I thought it was being cold hearted, having no feelings or just having a blunt character.

Rayan being scolded by his mom for not listening to her, but his mother has no choice to keep the secret.

This play was not about that. It portrayed the strong hearts of those who are in dilemma, and the sacrifices a person has to make to protect their love ones, or someone who is a key to the future. There is more to this play but I suggest you to go and see it for yourself. =)

This fantasy was made by the City Harvest Church KL, and this is their hardest production ever where sleepless nights were spent by the cast and those behind the scenes doing their best to project a message, bring entertainment and most importantly, doing this to praise Him. Being a fantasy, it takes more effort especially in the stage design and costumes compared to plays which setting is in daily life.

The birth of a Legend..

Rayan in his childhood days..

The city men enjoying their daily life..

When love kicks in.. 

The Archers.. 

The Wizard Assaygha taking down Lord Yeyphim..

This play repeats now (saturday 17th December at 5pm) and tomorrow morning (18th December 10am) so if you haven't had the chance to anticipate their performance, do drop by CHCKL.. =)

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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Subang Rally 2011 | Change | A.RON Coex and SamSaw

*speechless* What do you think? =)

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Saturday, July 16, 2011

The New way of Photography

Animation has always been there, and most pictures are always still.. I decided to do something different.. =P


Its not that many frames though, but its still moving.. haha..

tee hee.. =P

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Gerai William | SS26/4

If you are looking for a place to eat that is not too fancy and tasty, you might want to key in SS26/4 into your GPS. It will lead you to a restaurant that has many tables and seats under the deep blue sky or the dark moonlight. It was once a hut around the corner, but now it has already upgraded to a shoplot, converted into a full sized kitchen for cooking a wide variety of food which you can never think of..

Gerai William or plainly, William's, offers unique dishes ranging from Asian to Western food and most of them are enhanced recipe's made by the owner, William himself.. His daughter, Charnice is a friend of mine and she took some of us there for dinner.. We have always heard so much about her dad's restaurant but never got the chance to try it. However, the wait wasn't long as we dashed into the restaurant last night..

Esther, Charnice, Bryan and William..

The restaurant is usually full every night..

Cozy it was as we sat in the open together in the cool breezy night. Technically, there is no indoor seating as the whole shoplot is a kitchen as said above. Customers actually have the freedom to walk into the kitchen to check out what happens behind the scenes. With that, we can see the cleanliness of the kitchen and good handling of food there by the cooks.. I was so glad that the restaurant actually had no flies around, and that I can enjoy my meal in peace without swinging my hand everywhere.

Above all, the food was pure delight.. I am not exaggerating but I am being frank here.. The restaurant is so famous that no menu is needed and most people already know what to order when they get seated. If you are new to that place, feel free to enter the kitchen to choose any food you like from a large chalk board menu.. Among the food that we ordered were..

seafood risotto-rm40
The seafood risotto had muscles, clamps, salmon, squid, prawns and bamboo clams, served with cheese..

premium penuh- rm50
premium penuh (red meat platter).. various meats from lamb to beef, sausage, minced meat, chicken wings and mashed potato..

gouda cheese naan- rm8
gouda cheese naan is basically the famous indian dish, naan with cheese.. its served with caramel sauce, chocolate, condensed milk or butter..

nasi goreng ketam- rm25

nasi goreng chicken chop- rm 15

french fries
freshly cut potatoes deep fried till crispy

Not to forget the mouth watering deserts made by Esther;

panna cotta- rm 12

chocolate torte- rm8 (personal favorite =D)

gelato and cream puffs- rm 12

creme brulee- rm 10
drinks small- rm 4
big drinks- rm 7

You may find the texture of the meat just about average, but what makes the food good here is because of its taste.. No preservatives or msg are used and the recipes are made by the owner himself.. This big time family business brings you home cooked food at the streets of Petaling Jaya.. Do try it for yourself if you havent.. =)

If you also drop by William's, don't forget to stop by Bam Bam Closet too.. Its a store run by Esther, the lady who made the delightful desserts, and she sells a lot of known perfumes for a cheaper price.. These products are basically rejected from the original company, having small or minor damages, just because those companies have a high standard in quality.. So if you are looking for branded perfumes or make up at a cheaper price, don't forget to drop by the closet which is just right beside William's..

So, do bring your friends along because the dishes are big and theyre good for sharing.. =) tee hee.. =P

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Friday, July 08, 2011

Facebook Video Call

Recently Facebook has launched their new plugin which is the Facebook video call.. In cooperation with Skype, Facebook can now do video calls on the computer without opening any other applications..

Before you can do any video call, you have to first download the plugin and install it into your computer.. Go to and click "Get Started". Your plugin will be downloaded and installed into your computer.. After that, you are ready to make your video call..

Video call quality depends on type of webcam and internet performance.. By the way, if your friend doesn't pick up, you can leave a video message for him.. now that's something!

Try it on your own! =P

take care.. =)

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Saturday, July 02, 2011

1 Murid 1 Sukan 1 Malaysia | SMK Seafield

It was quite last minute when we got the info about this nationwide cross country run.. We had only about a week to register ourselves. But successfully, SMK Seafield keyed in about 1100 students participating in today's run. All public schools were to take part in the event, starting at 7.45 am sharp, every school in Malaysia will release students, parents and teachers from the starting line, going through a short run of 1.5 kilometers.

Before the ran started, we gave way to our neighboring school to run first and there was one sight that was beautiful.. There was a father carrying his daughter throughout the race..

So sweet ain't it? =3

So back to school, everyone was getting hyped for their turn to run. I do wonder why was there such a run because previously we did not have such an event. I am guessing from the name itself, 1 Malaysia and 1 Sukan, their objective is to promote unity in sports among the youth. From the birds eye view, it was quite a success..

There was also a theme song to be sung after the prize giving.. Our school sang it with full of glory.. =D

About 1100 students participated from SMK Seafield, which was the highest in USJ and if im not mistaken, the whole Subang Jaya too.. Anyway, my school will be having their carnival on the 17th of July so do drop by.. =D

take care.. =)

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Friday, July 01, 2011

Transformers 3 Dark of the Moon Gala Premier

I was among the many first who were able to watch Transformers 3 Dark of the Moon as soon as it was launched in Malaysia. Last Tuesday, many gathered in front of Golden Screen Cinemas, awaiting to set their eyes on famous Transformers characters at about 9pm.. However, they didn't have to wait for the movie as there were models posing as Optimus Prime and Bumblebee already! Hot Stuff!

Together with them were Serena C and Pietro from, being the emcee's of the premier. You can see Pietro trying to put on an Optimus Prime mask, but it just wouldn't fit.. =P

Many other local celebrities also came down the red carpet wanting to see the movie by Michael Bay.. Many also couldn't wait to see the new actress, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley who was acting as Carly as Sam Witwicky's (Shia Labeouf) new love.. I do not want to be a spoiler so check out the movie yourselves at Golden Screen Cinemas.. =)

Among the local celebs that came were;

Ben Ibrahim and Sophie Cinta Lee walking down the red carpet together with Patrick Wee..

Megan Tan with her sister, Tan Yue Lyn at the start of the red carpet..

 Vanessa and Pamela Chong together with Morten and Moots on stage..

Yasmin Hani and Ezza Saad, tempted to take away the GSC-EON Credit Card - The Ultimate Movie Card..

Danny One posing with a GSC-EON Bank Credit Card - The Ultimate Movie Card and a Bumblebee helmet..

 Hannah Tan with Reymee Hussein posing at the cameras and offering autographs..

Suki Low with Jeremy Chong laughing through the spotlight..

Harith Iskandar with Jezamine Lim smiling along the way..

They were interviewed by a short while by the emcee's talking about their current status and upcoming activities.. T-shirts, posters and Premier Passes to watch Transformers 3 were also given out to the public..

We had professional beat boxers giving the crowd a warm up before the movie.. A.RON and SamSaw from SMK Seafield pumped the crowd with special effects that were 100% vocals.. The most anticipated skill of theirs was the Transformers Autobots Roll Out sound effects.. Here's a sneak preview of their performance.

A.RON dropping beats.. 

SamSaw pressing in some sound effects..

Credits to Audrey Chew for taking the video.. =) For more videos of their performance, do check them out on Youtube..

Last but not least, a Big Thank You to those working with Golden Screen Cinemas and EON Bank for making this such a great event and allowing me to be part of it.. =)

take care.. =)

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