Thursday, January 20, 2011

Most favorite Valentines Day Gift

Heyya! So after Chinese New Year, Valentines Day would be just around the corner. Yes, another season of sharing and of course, bromance. So, what do you actually like to receive from a valentine generally? Do you like flowers? How about chocolates? Maybe a necklace or just a piece of paper with meaningful lines.

Well, I would like to know. Do tell me generally, what is the most favorite gift (items) you want to get or have received before for Valentines Day. Thank you. =)

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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Something awesome about DHL

Alright, it's obvious that I am new to parcel sending or shipment. My mom asked me to track my package to USA a few minutes ago by entering a tracking number on . When I keyed in my tracking number, amazingly it reported every point the shipment was checked in and what was done to it.

It's obviously good to know where or what is going on to your packages, especially when you are sending a very important item. Awesome stuff!
take care.

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Monday, January 10, 2011

Salute to the Rope

The rope, a sign of our unity. Once a Scout, always a Scout. Though I am not active in their activities after I left high school, I am still proud to say that I am a scout. Trained well for 5 years at SMK USJ 4, the 131st Petaling Scout Troop which is also known as the Flaming Phoenix is home to me.

We are far apart but are recognised as a scout, this post is to acknowledge the sudden death of a Form 2 scout recently in Taiping. It was said that a pulley fell onto his head where he suffered severe head injury. He lost his life during the scouts camping trip. RIP Goh Swee Khim.

Full story here : The Star Online

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Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Jay Chou Speaking English

Ever heard Jay Chou speaking in English? He was famous for his music career and his songs are mostly, or all in Chinese, not forgetting his play in Initial D. Anyway, I think it is a good start for him.

I was about to watch Tron in the cinemas but before the movie begun, the trailer of the Green Hornet came up. My friends and I were laughing because, he spoke English. I was somehow in amazement. Maybe it's abit odd to do something for a first time, but everyone has a start.

This reminds me of Jackie Chan, who also did not know English very well. He still took the step to act in English movies and today, he can speak good English. I believe this could be a same scenario for jay Chou.

This is Jay Chou speaking in English in an interview.

This is him in the movie trailer..

Oh and something for you guys to see. xD

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The Meaning of Christmas along Orchard Road in 2010

Orchard Road, a street famous for its brightly lit decorations during Christmas. Every year, tourists all over the globe visit the magical street. The Singapore government also has taken wise action to promote tourism there. They have an open air tour bus where you can sit on the 2nd floor, feel the breeze and anticipate the beauty of the malls there with full clarity. Their tour guides are also enthusiastic and informative.

We began our journey from The Tangling Mall. It is said that the mall can produce snow at certain hours and if you are on the tour bus, it will fill the tour bus as well.

The street was split to 3 sections, each with different colours and meanings. The first section was pink in colour. The stars and lights lit were pink, which represents peace. It took about 6 weeks to complete the decorations in Orchard Road. Its theme was, A Star Lit Christmas.

The next section is blue, which represents joy. Joy somehow reminds me about something. Throughout the year, we have been working hard and just find short-term happiness. Great joy comes during the holidays and celebrations, especially in the end of the year.

If I am not mistaken, Ngee Ann City mall has the tallest Christmas tree which is about 2 times the height of the double decker tour bus! Mandarin Gallery on the other hand had a unique idea to combine Chinese New Year with Christmas. They lit lantern designs blue following the themes set.

Last but not least, purple was the last section. It represents love. During this season, we should get back together for reunions and celebrate together.

Hope you guys had a merry Christmas. =)

 take care. =)

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Monday, January 03, 2011

My side of the story

If you are updated with my tweets and blog post (I know most of you dont), I am a very sad man. I always seem to be posting about photography or cameras. For example, I complain a lot that I do not have a dSLR camera.

Many respond to me, why don't you work to make money so that I can buy my dream camera. Its like slapping me straight, stop complaining and start working. However, I wish so much that I worked.

My parents never let me work with the reason that they want me to enjoy my teenage life. Well yeah, that was by sitting at home (truth is that they wanted me to study for my SATs. It still wasn't good anyways) . Not my kind of thing at all. I believe each and every person in life have their own type of fun, and I don't think it's right to judge my 'fun' that way. What's fun for me, photography.

I have tried much to get my camera. Tried Nuffnang and ChurpChurp to earn cash but it doesn't increase fast. I have only like 6 bucks total in both accounts. I joined many competitions, either i did not get through or just got consolation prize. (It's hard when you are competing with professionals out there.) I also started to save pocket money for it, I eat cheaper food and stop buying stuff except those for photography. (I also decline to buy new clothes when my mom asks me to buy clothes, hoping that saves money too in the long run.)

So one fine day, my brother bought a dSLR, so called "for me". Maybe it was just to inspire me to study because he said if i at least get 3 A's (STPM level, not easy), he will send me the camera overnight. Ok, I studied harder than before and my results crushed me. Fine, It's alright.

Anyway, my Birthday passed and Christmas passed and still nothing. I was hoping that someone somewhere would understand me, that photography means a lot to me. I also began to lose hope of getting that so called dSLR of mine. I get calls from my brother, telling me how much he enjoys using it. I don't think he will let it go, I understand. I'll just have to work hard for my own.

But yeah, I am not sure if my photography is even good enough. I would really like comments. You can see my photography at and tell me if you see the potential in me. Because from what I see, I can do many more wonders if I have a dSLR.

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Sunday, January 02, 2011

Just remembered something, far from 2010

Now i'm suppose to plan out an essay for a college application. I was thinking about the things I do and the achievements made. In a minute, I cant possibly remember every breakthrough made. Well, thank you Internet. I looked back at my youtube videos and found this.

This is a video where me and a group of scouts set up a fireball for a campfire. The idea is like this, light the fire from above and rekindle the fire pit. I always had fancy ideas to make creative streams of fireball, but cost and time was a limiting factor.

Anyway, the set up as simple. A metal cable was tied from the 2nd floor of our school to the fire pit on the ground. A metal cable is important so that it does not snap or break the line. A metal pipe was also used, kind of a monorail concept. A cloth with kerosene was tied onto the pipe, and a fragile rafia stringto lock it on the 2nd floor. As the cloth burns, the rafia will burn too, releasing the metal pipe and cloth down the rail.

Not to be a narcissist but the whole idea was led by me. I had no experience in it, no manuals and no reference. I purely improvise with the things around me. For example, how to tie a cable into the mud firmly? I tied the cable onto a brick and buried the brick under ground. Good critical thinking i suppose.

I always grip to a hope in my hands, that I can further my studies and get a good job because of the potential and experiences I have. I did not grow up with books, though my parents did try to push me.

Wish me luck, it is said its never too late to start something new. Well for this instance, reading.

take care.

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Saturday, January 01, 2011

Brand New DVD Player for sale..

Hi, I have a brand new LG DV520 DVD player. Its working well, I tested it myself to make sure. It also has a warranty as of 21 December 2010.

The reason why I'm selling it is to make money to buy photography gear. I also already have a DVD player at home so I would not be using this.

Price in the market is RM155. Im selling for RM 130 but we can come to a conclusion after much discussion. I will give it with the box and original packaging,

  • DVD Player
  • Remote control with battery
  • Warranty card and certificate
  • Audio video cable
  • Users Manual
Interested, please email me at or my facebook or twitter

Television not included..

Thank you and take care.

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NEW YEAR 2011 Eagle Eye view on Bukit Bintang

If you know my friend Robyn Tung, you will know that he has traveled a lot for a day. Check his Facebook profile, it's full of Foursquare check-ins. Thats where I also went. Together with Adrian Goh, we spent the day at KLCC at 4pm. We parked the car and headed for a late lunch at the food court.

We then watched Gulliver's Travels and walked around the mall. But when the clock struck 10pm, everything was getting wild!

Main gates and doors of many shopping malls have been blocked to control the crowd. Too many people (well its normal lah for events like this) were gushing through each other, finding their way out. We were on the same boat too. We escaped through the hollows, and found ourselves at KLCC park. Our target was the rooftop of Lot 10. Jalan Bukit Bintang was not as crowded as it was a few minutes before 12am, so it was not much of a problem doing the 2 kilometer hike.

We reached to the top floor of Lot 10 and there were not many people there. Most of them were in the club and restaurant there. We just took a seat beside the lift.

Curiosity was flowing through my veins, whats over the ledge? We walked to the brink of the 8 floor building. With an Eagles Eye view, we saw the junction of Jalan Bukit Bintang, flooded with life! The horns, the lights the sprays, all spectated from the edge. Tenths and thousands of people were in celebration of a new year!

The video of what happened there..

take care.. =)

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