Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Jay Chou Speaking English

Ever heard Jay Chou speaking in English? He was famous for his music career and his songs are mostly, or all in Chinese, not forgetting his play in Initial D. Anyway, I think it is a good start for him.

I was about to watch Tron in the cinemas but before the movie begun, the trailer of the Green Hornet came up. My friends and I were laughing because, he spoke English. I was somehow in amazement. Maybe it's abit odd to do something for a first time, but everyone has a start.

This reminds me of Jackie Chan, who also did not know English very well. He still took the step to act in English movies and today, he can speak good English. I believe this could be a same scenario for jay Chou.

This is Jay Chou speaking in English in an interview.

This is him in the movie trailer..

Oh and something for you guys to see. xD

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ken said...

actually i was surprised to see jay on that movie.. probably they want to penetrate into the asian market as well. since he is so famous.. :)

Wendy V. said...

i personally think that jay chou is a good singer but not a good actor. weird that he's going into hollywood!

haha n i'm really close to charmaine! her whole family knows me too lol. now that she's left for college dy! am soooo gonna miss her~