Sunday, January 02, 2011

Just remembered something, far from 2010

Now i'm suppose to plan out an essay for a college application. I was thinking about the things I do and the achievements made. In a minute, I cant possibly remember every breakthrough made. Well, thank you Internet. I looked back at my youtube videos and found this.

This is a video where me and a group of scouts set up a fireball for a campfire. The idea is like this, light the fire from above and rekindle the fire pit. I always had fancy ideas to make creative streams of fireball, but cost and time was a limiting factor.

Anyway, the set up as simple. A metal cable was tied from the 2nd floor of our school to the fire pit on the ground. A metal cable is important so that it does not snap or break the line. A metal pipe was also used, kind of a monorail concept. A cloth with kerosene was tied onto the pipe, and a fragile rafia stringto lock it on the 2nd floor. As the cloth burns, the rafia will burn too, releasing the metal pipe and cloth down the rail.

Not to be a narcissist but the whole idea was led by me. I had no experience in it, no manuals and no reference. I purely improvise with the things around me. For example, how to tie a cable into the mud firmly? I tied the cable onto a brick and buried the brick under ground. Good critical thinking i suppose.

I always grip to a hope in my hands, that I can further my studies and get a good job because of the potential and experiences I have. I did not grow up with books, though my parents did try to push me.

Wish me luck, it is said its never too late to start something new. Well for this instance, reading.

take care.

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P A U L I N E said...

wish u good luck.. =) happy new year..