Tuesday, January 04, 2011

The Meaning of Christmas along Orchard Road in 2010

Orchard Road, a street famous for its brightly lit decorations during Christmas. Every year, tourists all over the globe visit the magical street. The Singapore government also has taken wise action to promote tourism there. They have an open air tour bus where you can sit on the 2nd floor, feel the breeze and anticipate the beauty of the malls there with full clarity. Their tour guides are also enthusiastic and informative.

We began our journey from The Tangling Mall. It is said that the mall can produce snow at certain hours and if you are on the tour bus, it will fill the tour bus as well.

The street was split to 3 sections, each with different colours and meanings. The first section was pink in colour. The stars and lights lit were pink, which represents peace. It took about 6 weeks to complete the decorations in Orchard Road. Its theme was, A Star Lit Christmas.

The next section is blue, which represents joy. Joy somehow reminds me about something. Throughout the year, we have been working hard and just find short-term happiness. Great joy comes during the holidays and celebrations, especially in the end of the year.

If I am not mistaken, Ngee Ann City mall has the tallest Christmas tree which is about 2 times the height of the double decker tour bus! Mandarin Gallery on the other hand had a unique idea to combine Chinese New Year with Christmas. They lit lantern designs blue following the themes set.

Last but not least, purple was the last section. It represents love. During this season, we should get back together for reunions and celebrate together.

Hope you guys had a merry Christmas. =)

 take care. =)

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