Monday, January 03, 2011

My side of the story

If you are updated with my tweets and blog post (I know most of you dont), I am a very sad man. I always seem to be posting about photography or cameras. For example, I complain a lot that I do not have a dSLR camera.

Many respond to me, why don't you work to make money so that I can buy my dream camera. Its like slapping me straight, stop complaining and start working. However, I wish so much that I worked.

My parents never let me work with the reason that they want me to enjoy my teenage life. Well yeah, that was by sitting at home (truth is that they wanted me to study for my SATs. It still wasn't good anyways) . Not my kind of thing at all. I believe each and every person in life have their own type of fun, and I don't think it's right to judge my 'fun' that way. What's fun for me, photography.

I have tried much to get my camera. Tried Nuffnang and ChurpChurp to earn cash but it doesn't increase fast. I have only like 6 bucks total in both accounts. I joined many competitions, either i did not get through or just got consolation prize. (It's hard when you are competing with professionals out there.) I also started to save pocket money for it, I eat cheaper food and stop buying stuff except those for photography. (I also decline to buy new clothes when my mom asks me to buy clothes, hoping that saves money too in the long run.)

So one fine day, my brother bought a dSLR, so called "for me". Maybe it was just to inspire me to study because he said if i at least get 3 A's (STPM level, not easy), he will send me the camera overnight. Ok, I studied harder than before and my results crushed me. Fine, It's alright.

Anyway, my Birthday passed and Christmas passed and still nothing. I was hoping that someone somewhere would understand me, that photography means a lot to me. I also began to lose hope of getting that so called dSLR of mine. I get calls from my brother, telling me how much he enjoys using it. I don't think he will let it go, I understand. I'll just have to work hard for my own.

But yeah, I am not sure if my photography is even good enough. I would really like comments. You can see my photography at and tell me if you see the potential in me. Because from what I see, I can do many more wonders if I have a dSLR.

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Wendy V. said...

hi! nanged u at innit!
i think i understand how u feel,
'cause photography is one of my top interest too but trust me, u're luckier than me because i don't even own a normal digital camera!
kinda shocked to find a blog that i seem to be interested in.
will nang ur ads whenever i come to help u earn a lil more yea? lol

Wendy V. said...

so if ur earnings increase today it's me who nanged ur ads alright? lol
i'd seen ur name in her blog!
u're one of charmaine's BRATS friend right?
i'm proud to say that i was her classmates from 8 years!
it's such a small world man~

Punk Chopsticks said...

LMAO!! aww poor andrian...i guess you have a point that there's also the material side of jealousy, but like I said (Maybe i just didn't include an example for that), instead of focusing on what you don't have now, think of it as something you CAN have (I know this is really disney-ish optimistic but bear with me, aight?)

I's not like you'll NEVER get a dslr right? RIGHHHHHHhhht???

Roxanne said...

WORK HARD, you can do it! :D