Saturday, February 05, 2011

Literally a Bunny Hopping New Year

Heyya! So, I went out on this date, which I wouldn't really call it a date as it was a last minute outing. I was in Malacca for Chinese New Year and another friend of mine from school was also in Malacca for the same occasion. We then decided to meet up.

It was ironic that were both from Subang Jaya, but carried out our first outing in Malacca. Another thing was that her mom preferred her to go to the new Aeon mall in Bachang. I have never been there before, so the place was quite foreign to me, and her. It was only her 2nd time there. I laughed when I asked her where to meet up. She said, "Wherever je lah. I not familiar with the place wo. Heh." We then met up and talked for 2 hours. She had to go off by 6pm so that she can join her grandparents for dinner. I guess she fancy's her grand mother's cooking cause she seems excited for dinner. =)

Oh and another funny thing was that I bumped into Debbie in that same mall. Last weekend, I bumped into her in Mid Valley. First she said, What a small world.. Then in Malacca, she said F*ck.. Yeah she was really surprised. haha!

So anyway, we went to visit my uncle and went back to Aeon because my dad fell sick. He needed a place to rest and it was sunset, so I asked my dad to park on the rooftop so I can grab a few photos. A little too late I would say, but it's ok.

As my parents were resting in the car, I went down into the mall. At the main lobby, there was a performance by acrobats from China. I have no idea of they're name but here are some pictures of them. Yeah, they were dressed in bunny suits. heh.

Bunny-hop on a mono cycle.. 

Yeah, so they actually did more than this which includes somersaults with skipping ropes, hopping through the ring and more. That time, I did not take photos because i was engrossed with their performance. Though not perfect, but it was awesome. If you are the acrobats from China, feel free to contact me. =)

Anyway, my dad is much better now and I'm back home. Have a Happy Chinese New Year! May health, wealth and your wishes come hopping towards you for this is the year of the rabbit.

By the way, if you are wondering who is her, her name is Shi-Yuan. =)

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