Monday, March 14, 2011

It Wasn't Friday the 13th

It was a blissful Friday morning at school.. Though there was no sun, the cool winds of rain kept sweeping through my school.. Me and a few classmates thought it was a good day.. 2 teachers were absent from out class and we had a lot of incentives from helping some teachers at school..

I had a good meal in pizza hut for lunch and everything started to turn into thunder when i arrived at tuition.. I would keep the info on this specific incident disclosed, but all i can say is that a friend of mine got involved in a car accident due to the slippery roads.. He is fine, not much to worry about.. However, the worse happened when I reached home..

As usual, i would check my facebook and twitter when i get home.. The news was all over the social networking sites.. Japan was hit by a 7.8 magnitude earthquake and a tsunami hit the land of the rising sun.. I checked for the news on and watched the mayhem happen.. I wondered, what if 2012 was real? #prayforjapan

For more videos, watch at CNN..

The next thing i got worried about was the effect of the tsunami reaching the United States.. My brother is in California, a place where the tsunami would most likely hit.. My mom quickly alerted my brother, who was thankfully still awake at 3am there.. In the news the next day, California was said that it was not hit bad and there were just a few casualties..

But then again, things did not get much better when a nuclear powerplant in Japan had an explosion and it was releasing radioactive substances in the air.. Till now, we just wait..

For those who are part of the devastation, we are praying for you.. 

Greetings from Malaysia..

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