Monday, March 14, 2011

Updated | Japan Wind Directions | Possible Directions of Radiation from Fukushima

This is not an accurate reading, but an assumption.. 

It is all over our social networking sites that countries in the Asia Pacific region including Malaysia may be hit by the radiation leaks from Fukushima's nuclear power plant. So I went to AccuWeather to check out the wind direction of Japan..

This image is as of 10.15pm on March 14, 2011..

Click on the image to animate.. 

From the image, it shows the winds are blowing towards North East..

Though we (Malaysia) may be safe, precaution has to be taken. Do not go under rain or wear raincoat if necessary..

*UPDATES* It may take 7 days for the radiation to reach United States.. Source:

Quote from link: Assurances from officials that any radiation would dissipate over the Pacific Ocean before reaching the United States are tenuous given the fact that pollution from Chinese coal factories, traveling significantly greater distances, routinely hits California.

*UPDATES2* Wind is blowing towards East only for now, as of 15 March, 10.00 p.m. 
*UPDATES3* California's radiation effects from Japan, minimal.. 

According to the sources below, it is said that the radiation level from Japan is not risky to health..,0,1431467.story

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