Friday, March 04, 2011

Maroon 5 Live in Malaysia | HTC Desire Z

Oh the tunes #Maroon5 brings to KL!! Grab a #MaxisHTC and you'll get their tickets at a 30% discount. 5 rockstar phones to choose from. <---click to view

This is no April Fool..

This 29th of April, Maroon 5 will be coming down to Malaysia! The alternative rock band consisting of 5 members will most probably perform they're latest album, Hands All Over.. Well if you are not sure what hit is from this album, I'm sure you have been listening to the song "Misery" on the radio..

But of course my personal all time Maroon 5 favorite is their Sunday Morning, which can get me moving just by their swing.. (I love the bass rhythms.. =D)

So anyway, I'm attending their concert! Well this is thanks to my dad who just bought his new HTC Desire Z from Maxis. The phone came with two 30% off discount vouchers to see Maroon 5! For more info, click here.

Dad didn't really wanna watch, so me and my mom are going! Let me know if you guys are going too! =D

take care.. =)

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Billy S. said...

I always love listening to Maroon 5 songs. I hope they will also be able to visit Thailand too so I can watch them perform live.

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