Monday, March 28, 2011

Too Hot to Handle

I know I may be a little outdated on these stuff, but these things are Hot! =D

Do you ever wish to have a hot drink when you're cold, especially when you are lazy to get up and boil water just for a cup of coffee? Or do you wish for a cup of hot chocolate while sitting in a camp? Here is a solution which is mind blowing!

Ever heard of the brand Hot-Can? They make can drinks that can heat up on their own! No fire or microwave needed. 

I was on the way back to my hometown for Ching Ming and our car was about to break down with the electronics starting to dim. So my dad pulled over at Petronas and the car could not start anymore. Waiting for the service team, my mom went into their sundry shop and stared at these self heating drinks. We got curious and bought ourselves one. =)

So here are the instructions;

Or if you want, this is an illustration on how it works.. =)

So if you are a science student and wondering what is the reaction behind this, it is just the exothermic reaction of Calcium Oxide and Hydrogen Dioxide which produces Calcium Hydroxide. =)

CaO + H2O ----> Ca(OH)2

but the reaction just doesn't end there. The product formed will return back to its original state. Calcium Hydroxide reacts readily with Carbon Dioxide in air to form Calcium Carbonate.

Ca(OH)2 + CO2 ----> CaCO3 + H2O

This part, I dont really understand but it said that

the reactions are essentially CO2 neutral: Carbon dioxide (CO2) is released in producing the Calcium Oxide (quicklime, CaO ) by heating Calcium Carbonate (limestone, Ca CO3) to extremely high temperatures, and is subsequently reabsorbed during the reaction. 

So yeah, this reaction can heat up the drink up to 60 degrees Celsius. Hot beverage up for a drinking pleasure. =)

Anyway, I tried this drink already and it's safe. =) I'm mostly amazed by its technology and I'm sure you are intrigued too.. =) Try one for yourself.. =)

Take care.. =)

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Wendy V. said...

woots i didn't know it's available in petronas' mesra now!
i saw this last year in my friend's blog, i mean he was invited to do a review on it. i thought it was so cool!

thanks for sharing, will get one to try out soon too! :)

Myx said...

wow! that's cool! :D

im still wondering how that works. :D i wanna try :D

btw, can we exlink? :D