Saturday, April 30, 2011

Maroon 5 Live in Kuala Lumpur | 29th April 2011

So I previously posted about myself getting Maroon 5 tickets after my dad bought a HTC Desire Z from Maxis. Today, I'll share to you some of the photos I took in the concert.. I also did take some videos but it will be in another post.

Anyway, I would give a full 5 star rating for the performance done.. Everyone was in the mood to party and from the first song itself, everyone began to stand up and it went on till the end! Adam Levine 's unique voice got the crowd going crazy and what kept the beat going and the stage rocking were Matt Flynn on the drums and James Valentine on the guitar.Full with emotions, the keyboardist, Jesse Carmichael kept us swinging around the arena, and Michael Madden kept the groove going with his bass guitar.

The whole show began with the spotlight on James as he played the tune to Misery and the crowd just went wild. When Adam ran on to stage soon after, the crowd just went louder and louder! Among the songs were played too were:

  • Harder to Breathe
  • Never Gonna Leave this Bed
  • Secret
  • Give a Little more
  • Hands All Over
  • She Will Be Loved
  • Sunday Morning (closing song)
  • Makes Me Wonder
  • Won't Go Home Without You
  • This Love
  • Stutter
At first after many songs, they went off stage and the crowd shout for an encore! They soon came back to perform another 3 songs listed above and also introduced the band.. Matt also did a drum solo during his highlight..

Overall, it was an awesome concert and perhaps, the most enjoyable concert I have ever been to.. =) 

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Sunday, April 24, 2011

DiGi Live Sekolahku Berbakat

Not much details about the event, but what I know is that lots of effort was put in to produce this video for our competition..

This rap is composed by A.RON. Known as Aaron Lui in school, he is musically inclined. Music has been revolving around him for some time. He raps, beatbox, sings and plays the guitar. There could be more that can be done by him but, we do not know yet. Samuel Saw, originally a drummer who has finished his lessons up to grade 8, beatboxes with Aaron in this video. Talented too, he picked up the guitar in just a few days recently..

So this is the song which they have composed about our school, SMK Seafield USJ 2. We hope that you enjoy this video and vote for us at .

If you like the video, please share it on your Facebook Wall and among your friends too.. Thank you.. We hope that you continue to support us and if you are already supporting us, we appreciate your presence. =)

Anyway, check out what happened behind the scenes too..

Take care.. =)

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