Saturday, May 21, 2011

Most Epic Planned Photo I Took

This photo was made for a competition.. So I thought of doing something crazy.. Storyline, were doing our Form 6 course and its really hard. We face STPM which is known to be one of the top 3 hardest examinations in the world. So I wanted illustrate the stress and pressure that we feel while studying and going through it.. It makes us feel as if, the world just wants to crash down onto us.

But as I said, its made for a competition.. So please help me Vote by clicking on this link (or click on the photo) and click 'Like'.. Please re-post it on your wall.. Thank you.. =D

Anyway, do not fear Form 6 if you plan to take it up.. There are lots of things which I learnt (or maybe that I changed) here. Just study constantly and you will get through, as our parents did in the past.. =)

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1 comment:

ken said...

chair and papers thrown? should have more to be more dramatic :P