Sunday, June 26, 2011

Got My Domain with

Hey! I finally changed my blog link to ! However, the link without 'www' still doesn't work.. It is said to be enabled within 2 days, so we shall see.. =D

Anyway, I finished my study schedule and it will take charge from July onwards..

I also want to present to you a photo that i just took.. Might be abit freaky so be careful.. =P

House spider eh.. 

tee hee.. =P

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Friday, June 24, 2011

Nike Jerseys? | SMK Seafield

Hey, check it out! The Prefects got their jerseys by Nike! They are custom made, following the name of the prefects too! =D It looks great.. =P

tee hee.. =P

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It's all about the Money, Money, Money

The bio class wen't kind of nuts today and played with coins.. So I took the chance to take some photos.. =P

More of macro and mini-studio photography.. Do you think they're nice? Do like or comment on this post.. thanks.. =)

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Saturday, June 18, 2011

You are Greater than what You Think You Are..


Thats what I always think when I see this picture, and with that subtitle, I always remember the events of last December. If you recall an old post of mine about the Game of Death, you will know what I mean.. Basically, I reached limits greater than what I knew of myself.. I wish I could do it again, maybe in my studies?

I still need inspiration....

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Friday, June 10, 2011

Step Up for Kids! | SMK Seafield Interact Charity Sale

Many of us live different lives. No matter how near or far we live from each other, everyone is different. We may go through good and bad times, and we really break down in harsh moments. But there are people in this world, especially children, who never had good times to experience or even to think about.

The Interact Club of SMK Seafield is currently running a charity sale in Subang Parade (click on link to view event page on Facebook). Their main purpose is to raise funds to put up a children's corner at the Pediatric Center of the Sungai Buluh General Hospital. The children here face chronic diseases and are confined in the hospital with no equipment or tools for learning. They spend every day looking out of the window, lying on the bed and basically just being unproductive.

The Interact Club of SMK Seafield aims to improve their lifestyle with the children's corner. It will be equipped with a television which will play educational videos for the children to watch. If they receive a large amount of donations, a Nintendo Wii will be bought for them so that they can play with interactive medias which is crucial for their brain development.

This is an example of a software run by Wii to enhance the creativity of children.

These children may not have the freedom to go under the sun to sweat it out.. With proper training, they can exercise indoors.. Exercising is also important for the children to build their immunity system. 

The Club also will be setting up a mini library for them to read books and also floor mats to prevent injuries from happening.

It all seems to be such big dreams and big plans but without your donations, the dreams of the Club will not come true and the future of these kids would not be filled with hope. Lets come together hand in hand to support this good cause.

If you would like to support, do come to Subang Parade in Subang Jaya from today (Friday) till Sunday. They will be open during shopping hours so feel free to drop by anytime. The stall is located right in front of MPH bookstores.

Do contact Kaelan Ong : 012-3868151 and Kenny Lew: 012-3973728 for more info.. =)

You can take the KTM Commuter Train to Subang Jaya Station and you will already be at Subang Parade. You can also take RapidKL U67 or Metrobus 13 to this shopping mall.

So basically, what are they selling? They are making Hama Beads and turning them into keychains, rings, notebooks and phone straps. There are a wide variety of designs ranging from Angry Birds to Disney characters to bugs and footballs. You can also customize your own name or design! All these items range from RM2 to RM10 and yes, all profits will be used for the funding of the children's center.

Wide variety of designs.. 

Hospitable and cheerful committee team who makes the hama beads.. =D 

The other committee members who were putting up the sign..  


Swifty Notebook.. 

Quack Quack!  

 Me giving them a hand.. =)

A.Ron promoting Angry Birds..

Wei Teng showing off her jewelry box made of hama beads..

 Customers from school.. 

The committee busy making the hama beads in time.. 

Wei Teng, again, posing with her Ring of Heart.. Could mean more than a wedding ring.. =P

JJ from giving his share.. He Rocks! =D

Hot and sexy committee's selling and promoting..  

Angry Birds! =D

A.Ron and SamSaw doing some beats..  

Uncle, making sure our products are in high quality.. =)

By the way, if you want to learn how to make these hama beads or want to know where to buy them, do drop by their stall to learn more about it.. =D

I am not a member of The Interact Club of SMK Seafield but I really feel that this is a good cause and an important one indeed.. 

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Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Guangzhou Trip | Pearl River Nightlights | Landmark Hotel

My family stayed in Landmark Hotel which is situated beside the Pearl River in Guangzhou. At night, you can see the whole river lit up and also the buildings along it. Being on the 33rd floor of the hotel and having a nice view of the city and Canton Tower, I decided to take a few long shutter photographs.

My camera was set to a tripod and my 500D has a maximum shutter speed of 30 seconds. At ISO 100, these is one of the products..

By using the original photo, I could zoom digitally all the way to the top of the tower at a fairly good sharpness.. By the way, my hotel ain't near the Canton Tower.. The image was zoomed at about 200mm..

After shopping around Guangzhou the next day, I bought myself a wired shutter remote for about RM 15.. With this tool, I have no more limitations to my long shutter speeds..

Bulb Lock..

With that and my tripod, I did 3 to 5 minute shutters.. This is the result..

Whoops, City Lights went out at about 10.30pm.. Canton Tower goes off at 11pm..

If you can, do go to open rooftops. There is too much light in the city which reflects onto the hotel window..

Besides the good view, I had a good comfy room too..

The Hotel logo reminded me of the animated Jackie Chan Cartoon Series, Jackie Chan Adventures.. Lol..

Anyway, take care.. =)

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Guangzhou Trip | Shamian Island HDR Photography

So we took the local metro railway to Huangsha Station (黄沙站and from there, we walked to Shamian Island. Its a small sandbark island with many historical buildings including those built by the British, if I'm not mistaken.. 

Anyway, I'ts a very nice place to take photos as the old buildings and the tree shaded park gives a historical atmosphere.. There, many people carry out leisure activities such as badminton or just hanging out with friends. Overall, It's a nice place to take photos too.. Here are a few HDR shots that I did..

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