Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Guangzhou Trip | Amusing Advertisement

Hi guys, I just got back from Guangzhou yesterday and I'm still processing the photos I took there.. While I'm doing that, I want to show you guys an advertisement there published on their local television. It was something different and I find it quite amusing. It's actually a beer advertisement.

Anyway, let me ask you. Would you prefer beer or a hot girl? tee hee.. =P

Advertisement of Pearl River Beer. Copyrights belong to them..

take care and do stay tuned to more post on my Guangzhou trip and photos of that place.. =)

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Guangzhou Travel Guide said...

I just came back from Guangzhou, I
suggest that one day to Chime-Long Paradise
World Water day is
I remember Pearl River night over and over again slightly, in the West along the river side, or go directly to the walk is also pretty good ~
Another day shopping, Beijing Road, over and over again, all exclusive sale. Local shopping, bargaining is more stalls, not to try, very cheap one, and for sister friend bargains ~ Oh