Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Guangzhou Trip | Fast Food

Around the world, we would usually see McDonalds or KFC anywhere. You may call those restaurants iconic, but ironically, this man who is an icon, makes this fast food (not fat food) restaurant known..

Well not because they have Bruce Lee as their icon, but Kungfu fast food also serves good and tasty Chinese food.. The fast food chainstore has food already prepared for you to eat, just like McDonalds where your burgers are already ready.

They serve rice, a large variety of pork and vegetables too.

I ordered minced pork.. It was good.. =) The pork ribs were good too..

Actually, most of the restaurants in Guangzhou are just like the Chinese food here in Malaysia. Our food is just as authentic as theirs.. But this restaurant, is just different..

take care.. =)

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