Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Sweating it Out!

I have not done any sports or exercise for awhile and i feel so unhealthy.. Since Sunday, my friends were planning to go play basketball in the morning, which we finally did on Wednesday and there were only 4 of us.. That was including Adrian who came after he sent his sister to school.

It was 7.30 this morning where i got up to get some Milo.. I then received a message from Soo Yin, asking if i wanted to play basketball at that moment itself.. I was lying on my bed, contemplating whether I shall go play basketball, or rest for my badminton game at 10am..

So I had a thought, why not I go and play basketball for a warm up..

So off my bed and out to court I went. Aivee and Soo Yin were already doing some shots as I jogged into the court.. We soon had a free match with a few random guys there. We didnt even count the score but it was a fair game, though challenging..

The time was 8.20 when i headed back home for a shower and grabbed some Oreos from the nearby 7-11 store.. Technically, that was my breakfast.. Wai Yip picked me up soon after and we met up with Reuben at school.. At that moment, there was a heavy downpour..

We played badminton at an arena around USJ 21.. there were many badminton courts there, and i think there were more than 20 of them.. We paid RM8 for an hour there, which was full of sweat and flashes, as my camera kept taking photos of them..

Ching Seong 


Me and Wai Yip 

Selva Kumar 

Wai Yip again 

and Reuben Tan,

Yes, we did have a good time, just as seen on Reuben's face.. Anyway, we had tuition after lunch and thats about it.. It's been awhile since I blogged or did anything in English, forgive me if my English has degraded.. =P

Cheers.. =)

I shall now close this post with a video.. This is my first cover I did, and it's Never Gonna Leave This Bed by Maroon5..

Take care.. =)

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