Saturday, July 02, 2011

1 Murid 1 Sukan 1 Malaysia | SMK Seafield

It was quite last minute when we got the info about this nationwide cross country run.. We had only about a week to register ourselves. But successfully, SMK Seafield keyed in about 1100 students participating in today's run. All public schools were to take part in the event, starting at 7.45 am sharp, every school in Malaysia will release students, parents and teachers from the starting line, going through a short run of 1.5 kilometers.

Before the ran started, we gave way to our neighboring school to run first and there was one sight that was beautiful.. There was a father carrying his daughter throughout the race..

So sweet ain't it? =3

So back to school, everyone was getting hyped for their turn to run. I do wonder why was there such a run because previously we did not have such an event. I am guessing from the name itself, 1 Malaysia and 1 Sukan, their objective is to promote unity in sports among the youth. From the birds eye view, it was quite a success..

There was also a theme song to be sung after the prize giving.. Our school sang it with full of glory.. =D

About 1100 students participated from SMK Seafield, which was the highest in USJ and if im not mistaken, the whole Subang Jaya too.. Anyway, my school will be having their carnival on the 17th of July so do drop by.. =D

take care.. =)

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Philip Khor said...

OMG the little girl's a BERSIH supporter!