Monday, January 23, 2012

Dragon in the Sky

Every year, I would take a stroll down Jonker Street as my dad gives his offerings in the temples nearby. Jonker Street is usually the same every year, but this time, for the year of the Water Dragon, there was really a Dragon in the sky.

Basically, a balloon maker which I notice every year at Jonker Street has successfully created a floating dragon by just using balloons, and it was an amazing scene.. It swayed in the sky, being anchored by more than 5 people, roaring over the sky of Malacca..

Not to miss out, The God of Prosperity! Maybe you should drop by Jonker Street to have a photo with him, and maybe you can be more prosperous.. =)

Have a Happy Chinese New Year and may the Water Dragon shower all of you with prosperity and good fortune.. =)

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Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Genting Trip, and we didnt fall.. =P

Ever since my examinations ended, I was fully filled with energy to get out and travel, try new things or break boundaries. To tell you the truth, I never really tried taking a roller coaster in my life. It's maybe because I have a fear that I could not overcome, or i was just plain lazy. It was good to have friends with you who push you to try, supporting you, telling you that its just nothing..

In the end, I went onto a space shot and a small roller coaster and pirate ship for a start. The corkscrew was closed for maintenance so i didnt really try a much more extreme ride.

We stayed at Reuben's uncle's apartment which was an advantage for the trip. We had a 2 floor apartment which was just nice for the 8 of us. We could cook, play like no ones business and live comfortably together. We stayed at Ramin Apartments anyway, at Genting View Resort.

Its been awhile since I blogged, I hope to keep my webpage alive, filled with more adventures.. =)

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Im open to comments, do comment.. thx.. =)