Sunday, February 12, 2012

Degradement of our Future Generation

Today in the local newspaper, they mentioned about how smart phones and tablets have begun to widen the communication gaps in our society. I totally agree about it because from what I observe, they are all not exactly enjoying themselves nor feeling happy. Firstly, I am thankful to be in a group of friends who know how to prioritise and put a fine line between socialising for real and socialising virtually. We spend most of our time meeting up, going for sports, laser tag, bowling and just anything. Ask us, Angry Birds? no way..

Teenagers and young adults being glued to technology is bad, but whats worse is that children aged from 4 to 12 years old have already become addicted to such virtual realities. With no doubt, you can see at least a kid holding an iPad 2 or a Galaxy Tab in a restaurant, sometimes each kid in that family has one, and none communicate with each other. Firstly, the effect is that the family relationship can be broken. When the kids grow older, they can be rebellious to their parents because they don't realise the importance of family ties and treat parents like a friend or a stranger. Moral values will fade among our society as children did not get the proper guidance since young. Parents have depended too much on technology, hoping that it can take over the roles of parenting.

Speaking of parenting, maids have also become childrens new mother. I have a friend of my parents, who once told them that they regret having a maid because their own children look away from them. They prefer to get a hug from the maid and not to the people who gave birth to them.

In the future, the standard of education too may drop drastically. Many give excuses saying that these tablets are essential for learning because it's interactive, but I strongly disagree. Real education still comes from books as its information is much more dense and accurate compared to a graphic. If the children of today do not practice reading, the percentage of youths who cannot read and write in the future may increase as their minds will just be flashed with pictures and graphics that are unexplainable. Teenagers in the future will have a lower self esteem, be timid, have low self confidence and will not be able to present themselves well.

To be honest, I myself was a very timid person before. I never had enough confidence to approach someone   or to talk in front of the camera and because of that, I failed in an interview to be part of an exchange student program. It was a very regretful scene and i do not want that to happen again, especially when i apply for a job or to a university. A friend of mine helped me spark my fire, to be confident in speaking in public and to start conversations with anyone, including youths and the elderly. Being able to speak to people of different age groups has helped me open up my mind to the world, finding out its differences and realising the diversity  of everything in life.

Technology is essential in our life, but too much of something is never good. We always have to keep moderation in most things to have a balanced and a more rounded personality. It will be good to put that tablet down and start a real conversation with someone.

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Nath said...

Having the help technology is good in a way that you're able to keep in touch with friends you lost in touch for years, but it still won't bet the closeness you can get when you able to spend time with them in person. Cheers~